Sale e Pepe’s iconic Italian recipes

Liz Nicholls

With neighbourhood trattoria Sale e Pepe recently being given a complete refurb ahead of its 50th anniversary next year, we’re saving up a taste of la dolce vita for those seeking a fresh at-home recipes to keep those summer vibes going!

The Knightsbridge staple invites lovers of traditional Italian food to take their hand at their classic dishes. Ideal for hosting across the summer period, the illustrious restaurant has always attracted a jet-setting crowd, loved by the likes of Rod Stewart, Sir Roger Moore, Priscilla Presley and Ringo Starr.

Sale E Pepe prides itself in serving the very produce, try your hand at their infamous Costaletta di Vileto Milanaisepan-fried veal chop with breadcrumbs which is signature to the Lombardy region or the Camparian Linguine all’ AragostaLinguine with lobster, cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic. Opt for a more light dish of Insalata di Granchio – crab and avocado salad with tomato concassé, spring onions, chives and lemon dressing, bringing the Italian summer to the table.

Costaletta di Vileto Milanaise

• 500g one bone in veal cutlets about 3/4 thick, trimmed or you can ask the butcher to make flattened for you than will be easier to prepare at home,
Three eggs
• 100gm breadcrumbs granules
• 80 gm all-purpose flour
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 240g clarified butter (recipe is mentioned below)
• One lemon, quartered

1. Make two or three cuts on the edges of cutlet to keep them from curling up as they cook
2. Heat the clarified butter over medium high heat. The secret to cooking the meat is to cook it quickly at a very high temperature to seal the outside and create a crunchy breading while keeping the inside moist and juicy.
3. Whisk the eggs and place them in a shallow pan
4. Place each first into the flour, then the eggs bath and then finally the breadcrumbs as you go to ensure that they don’t fall off
5. Fry the cutlet for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side, then remove to a plate lined with paper towels and allow the extra butter to drain off
6. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then place on a baking sheet

Linguine all’ Aragosta

• 600g Canadian lobster
80g linguine pasta
• 120g red cherry tomato
• 5g fresh basil leaves
• 18g garlic
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 45ml white wine
• 28ml extra virgin olive oil
• 5g mix micro herbs (optional)

1. Cover the bottom of a large frying pan with olive oil, chopped garlic, basil leaves and fry your cherry tomatoes together. Add stock, black pepper and fry for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally
2. Add the lobster tail and chunks and fry for 1 minute
3. Add the dry white wine and make sure to cook all the alcohol out and reduce until the sauce has thickened slightly
4. Cook your linguine or spaghetti in a LARGE pot of rapidly boiling salted water. Stir the pasta regularly and cook until al dente almost 5 to 6 minutes and using your spaghetti spoon lift, the cooked pasta out of the pot, allow the water to drain off and add it spoonful by spoonful straight into the pan of lobster pasta sauce
5. Toss well and serve garnished with the micro herbs

(Insalata di Granchio) crab & avocado salad

• 45g diced tomatoes
• 85g freshly handpicked crab meat
• One ripe avocado
• 30ml fresh lime juice
• 55ml extra virgin oil
• 5g chipped chives
• 5g spring onion
• 1 gram or pinch of chilli powder
• Sea salt & pepper as per taste

1. First in a small bowl mix together avocado cubes, lime juice, diced tomato, chives, olive oil, salt & pepper, mix well and set aside.
2. Then repeat the same process and add crab meat, lime juice, diced tomato, chilli powder, chopped chives, spring onion, olive oil, salt & pepper, mix well and set aside.
3. Take a flat base plate, place the round shape ring in a centre and add avocado layer and add crab mixture for second layer up, garnish with olive oil & chopped chives.