Your Bucks (and hens!) wedding guide

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Weddings in 2024 & beyond are an opportunity to ‘rip up the rule book’ and surprise your guests. Luckily Buckinghamshire has plenty of experts to help you achieve your dream, green, local wedding

Congratulations! You’ve said yes and celebrated with family and friends and – depending on the date for your big day – you’ll either be into full-on preparations or just making a start, but where to begin? Here are just a few ideas taking into consideration some of the trends for 2024.

Sustainability is a key consideration for many modern brides and grooms. Did you know the average wedding produces 14.5 tons of carbon dioxide? And weddings can negatively affect the planet in lots more ways, which is why Bucks wedding and event planners Eleanor Berry and Lois Langford, founders of Flamingo + Fern help couples tie the knot without causing undue harm to the environment.

Our single biggest tip would be to keep it as local as possible.”

“We’re seeing that people are increasingly interested in sustainability, not just in their everyday lives but also in major life events,” says Eleanor. “We believe this is going to be big trend for 2024 weddings and beyond. The wedding industry has a reputation for damaging the environment, and choosing sustainability can seem difficult or like you’ll have to compromise, but with a few simple changes, couples can still have the wedding of their dreams while reducing that negative impact. “Our single biggest tip would be to keep it as local as possible. Choose a venue close to most of your guests, pick suppliers near your venue, use seasonal, local produce and flowers and you’ll already have made a huge difference.”

For more simple, actionable tips on how to make your wedding more sustainable, you can check out their sustainable planning guide for free at 

Many couples will opt for biodegradable, recycled and upcycled decorations with “pre-loved” dresses becoming high on many brides’ lists from both an eco and cost point of view. Charity shops are a great source of beautiful bargains. Oxfam has a site dedicated to them at

Hiring is growing in popularity, too. Searches for “wedding dress hire” have increased with specialist shops and sites such as Something Borrowed offering the opportunity to rent designer or vintage dresses. One of this year’s key dress trends is colour; brides in blush and dresses with floral motifs, blue hues and peach: Peach Fuzz is the Pantone colour for 2024.

Sisters Amy Ahern and Steph Miles opened White Lace and Butterflies fashion-forward boutique in Great Missenden in 2016. Since then they have been winning rave reviews from brides flocking from all over the world for the perfect frock. “We don’t do ordinary!” they say, in the pretty boutique inside a listed building, which has relaxed bridal rooms and super-spacious fitting rooms. “Your wedding is your chance to be bold and break the rules. We focus on contemporary and ‘out of the ordinary’ bridal style here in Buckinghamshire. You’ll find an unrivalled curation of world-renowned designers for the modern, fashion-savvy bride. Our collections are unique and anything but boring.” Take a look at

Since the pandemic pushed more couples into the open air, barns, vineyards and even industrial spaces remain popular for weddings. Many of these venues are also ideal for a more intimate celebration. Less formal catering and entertainment options continue to appeal for good reason, with charcuterie tables and local cheeses, dessert bars and live music, starring friends & family, making memorable highlights.

And, much to the relief of your guests, those formal, staged photography sessions of yore have made way for a more natural, storytelling approach. Photographer Chantelle Shepherd took the stunning cover picture in Chearsley and has won love from countless bride tribes for bringing out the best in her subjects, especially youngsters, having worked in childcare for 10 years. “I’m totally comfortable behind the camera,” she says… “however if it’s turned on me I don’t know what to do with myself! I feel awkward in front of the camera so I do my very best to make sure those who feel the same as me comfortable and relaxed.”

Justine Holliday, founder of West Wycombe’s Artisan Jewellery has more than 25 years’ experience and is loved for beautifully upcycling and remodelling pieces. She advises: “Give yourselves enough time to choose the perfect rings. Reserve space in your budget for your wedding band. Make sure it’s comfortable and it sits well with your engagement ring. You will hopefully be wearing this daily for the rest of your life, so you want it to stand the test of time, even when your tastes may have changed!” Please visit Artisan Jewellery