Relationships: Going it alone

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A woman who found new strength after her marriage breakdown a year ago is urging others facing post-split up pain to make a New Year’s Resolution for change.

Administrator Jane Holgate was so impressed with Divorce Recovery Workshop’s Berkshire course she now helps run courses.

You can book now for the next one, on February 8th & 9th and 15th & 16th, in Earley, Reading. Charity DRW helps men and women recover emotionally after separation or divorce.

Jane, of Hurst, who works in Twyford, said: “The prospect of facing the new year on my own was daunting. But DRW made me realise I was in control of my future which might not be the same as before, but was still a future. New Year is a time to seize change. If you’re hesitating, I’d say: take the plunge and contact us. I found I wasn’t the only one feeling as I was. I’ve kept in touch with some of those on my course: they’re a fantastic support. We have a coffee or text. It’s like having a support network, a safe space.”

Jane, who is in her fifties with two grown-up children, adds: “To come to DRW you can be the one who left or the one left behind. No one judges. It doesn’t matter when the break-up was or if you were married or not.”
The course leaders, including DRW founder trustee John Kemp of Wokingham, are divorced or separated. John says: “Many people don’t know where to turn to for help with emotional recovery from the trauma of separation or divorce. People often say they grow in confidence with the help of a workshop rather than just going through it alone.”

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