The Cat’s Whiskers, meet Sir Monty

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British shorthair cat Sir Monty Esq is the subject of a new online business in Bagshot. Kristy Goncalves tells us more and invites us to read his blog The Regal Whisker Chronicles

Meet Sir Monty Esquire, a British shorthair of impeccable lineage who together with his devoted cat parents Kristy and Andre, is bringing his adventures to life.

His whimsical blog aims to entertain, inspire and uplift while helping to better the lives of his fellow animals through support for the RSPCA, which holds a special place in our hearts.

Monty started becoming ill four years ago and ever since we have been back and forth to the vets trying to get his health back on track. If we  had known that vet bills could be so expensive and accumulate so quickly, we would have had better insurance cover and so with this experience behind us, the idea of the business took shape.

Originally we wanted to launch our own charity that could help people who found themselves in our position, whether it be financial or just offering good advice. We soon found starting a charity was far more complicated than we envisioned, and that maybe that wouldn’t be our starting point.

We then decided to open an online store featuring a blog of Monty’s journey and his daily escapades. This way we can still help other pet owners by sharing our experience, but also give a proportion of the proceeds from sales of the apparel and merchandise to the RSPCA. Let Monty explain…

“Our store boasts unique AI generated designs based on yours truly and curated primarily by my cat parents into stylish and one of a kind items for your delight. With every subscription, every like, and every share of our blog or purchase from our store, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the RSPCA. Together, we aspire to make a meaningful impact, ensuring that animals, both regal and humble, receive the care and protection they deserve.”

We will be selling merchandise and apparel such as hoodies, T-shirts, hats, phone cases, tote bags, calenders, cards, posters, mugs and later on we will venture into selling pet toys, treats, pet clothes etc


We would like to offer Round & About readers the chance to win a hoodie, 2024 calendar and a mug with Sir Monty featured on the designs. To be in with a chance simply enter via our app. Find out more.

Subscribe to the blog to receive a 15 per cent discount on purchases from the online store, simply quote code Round&About.

To find out more about Sir Monty Esq and shop the merchandise to support the RSPCA, click here.