Help take authentic climate action

Karen Neville

Mill House is working to support small businesses and are developing a programme to help improve sustainability

The Mill House Wooburn is all about support local businesses and one way in which they are doing this is through their passion for sustainability.

Working in partnership with Sustainability Consultancy – B Other Wise, they have developed a programme to run throughout 2023 to help businesses in the area be a Force for Good.

The programme will include:

• Expertise, helping businesses build sustainable practices
• Support creating a sustainability plan and creating a common understanding of what being a sustainable and regenerative business mean
• Qualified guidance through the B Crop Framework
• Monthly workshops at Mill House on specific sustainability topics
• The opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other, like-minded local founders and business owners
• Bespoke support on a 1:1 basis face to face at Mill House

We will be raising money for local environmental charity – Wild Cookham.

The event launches on February 23rd and offers small businesses the opportunity to find out more about the new Sustainability Workshop Programme.

Find out more at Mill House Wooburn.