Hammer time! Auction shout-out

Round & About

Do you have a valuable or interesting item in your home whose story you’d love to uncover thanks to some expert help?

A new primetime TV series for a major UK broadcaster will see truly extraordinary items go under the hammer to an audience of eager buyers.

In a specially created auction house, the team will curate a collection of astonishing and unexpected items – from ancient to modern, art to artefact with the weird and wonderful in between. For each lot – or item, they will invite the most passionate buyers to be in the room to bid for these items. Like matchmaking; they’re bringing together the most incredible items with the very best collectors, dealers and fans.

The series will take viewers into the drama and spectacle of the auction process. We’ll hear sellers’ thrilling, heart-warming stories about their items, and find out why they make the buyers’ hearts race as they compete to own them.

Produced by Curve Media, makers of Salvage Hunters, our bespoke auction house will beautifully showcase these objects as they are brought before the bidders and under the hammers of our professional auctioneers.

Do you have an extraordinary items to sell? Or perhaps you’re an expert dealer or enthusiastic collectors who is interested in attending the auctions.

Please email [email protected] with your contact details and photos of your item. Any personal data that you provide to Curve Media shall be processed in accordance with Curve’s programme applicant, contributor and talent privacy notice which is here