Get into gear with Bike Week

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Today marks the start of Bike Week a great opportunity to celebrate the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling. 

The aim is to get many thousands of people across the UK to give cycling a try, encouraging people to get out on their bikes between Saturday, 8th June and Sunday, 16th June. 

Any outing on a bike counts – whether that’s nipping round to a friend’s house, cycling to work or school, enjoying a leisurely ride with the family or tackling a cycling challenge. 

Bike Week shines a light on everyday cycling for everyone. This year, Bike Week is set to add another 240,000 people to the 2.4 million who already cycle three times or more a week. 

Across the UK, hundreds of events will be taking place to help you enjoy cycling. 

Bike Week events are suitable for people of all ages and experience. There will be lots of different opportunities, such as family-friendly rides, bike maintenance, bike breakfasts and group rides, among others. 

There are so many health benefits associated with cycling as well as the obvious aid to weight loss, it can help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, boost immunity, aids mental health, helps to reduce air pollution and can also help you save money. 

There are many events you can get involved in all around the country although you can of course just get out on your bike under your own steam. 

Closer to home at the end of the month Wokingham Bikeathon takes place on Sunday, 30th June with both a 15-mile route and a 35-mile route to take part in. 

Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome to saddle up, with many cycling as families and the 15-mile route is perfect for families to tackle together. 

Registration is open now for those wishing to do so online but you can just turn up at Cantley Park on the day. 

For all the important information you need to take part and to register in advance, visit Wokingham Bikeathon

However you cycle it’s important to make sure you do it safely and the Cycle-Smart Foundation based in Reading has some great tips and advice on doing just that and the importance of wearing of a helmet.

  Find out more about them at Cycle Smart Foundation