Go on the hunt in Horsell

Round & About

Join the garden safari this month and you never know what you’ll track down and all for local good causes

You might not see any elephants or giraffes, but the village of Horsell is once again looking forward to welcoming visitors to the annual garden safari on June 15th and 16th.

It’s a date when people meet up with friends, enjoy the various gardens on offer and relax with a cup of tea and cake! This is their 22nd year and they are looking forward to everyone enjoying the days and celebrating the British love of plants, gardens and gardening.

David Bromley tells us: “We are of course renowned for being the most avid and possibly the best gardeners in the world. Opening this year are some new gardens, some that have been missed as they haven’t opened for a few years and some old favourites. The gardens offer a lovely mix of the new and familiar, the small and the large and all in a range of styles.

“This year amongst many other things there are Koi Carp, operatic themed teas and Tudor buildings on offer. If you haven’t been to the allotments, go and find them on Sunday, 16th June and enjoy the amazing range of flowers, fruit and vegetables – you might well be inspired to grow your own if you haven’t done so before. Visiting the three new gardens to support their efforts will have them open again in the future.”

Brochures, still costing only £8 for entry to all gardens on both days, are on sale in the usual local Horsell High Street shops and businesses, namely Seymours, Premier Store Horsell, Lisa Jones and the Horsell Framing Company. They are also available from participating gardens on the day.

There are 24 different gardens to view, 15 open on Saturday and 15 on Sunday so get your walking shoes on, or pump up the bicycle tyres in readiness and join Horsell for a wonderful outdoor weekend!

“All proceeds are donated to local charities and thanks as always should go to those super folks who open their gardens, Seymours, Hamlyns and Victoria Clinic who sponsor the event, the shops who sell the brochures and of course, the visitors who make the efforts so worthwhile,” adds David. “In the years of the safari it has raised just short of £75,000 for the local charities. Keep up the great work everyone.”