Whole hearted: supporting the sick

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Supporting those who need it the most is at the heart of one local charity’s mission.

Founded in 2006, Full Circle Fund Therapies is a small innovative charity committed to one theme: to preserve the human spirit of very sick children and adults. Its vision delivers the best integrated medicine approaches in critical care areas through a range of therapies including infant massage, reflexology, clinical massage therapies, relaxation training, reiki and hypnotherapy and mindfulness. It is now looking beyond its base at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, to take the award-winning Full Circle know-how to two more hospitals in South East England.

At the heart of the charity is its founder, Suzanne Ruggles, whose life was turned following a near death experience caused by meningitis. What was brought into sharp focus to her at that time, was the need to provide compassionate and safe support to very sick, hospitalized children and adults.

The charity is part of a growing movement in medicine which recognises the importance of supporting the whole person, not just the illness. Their evidence-based approach enhances patient resilience to cope with the trauma of a life-threatening diagnosis providing the positive counterbalance to keep a person feeling human when so much has been stripped away. To date the charity’s pioneering approach has helped more than 7,000 individuals, many battling cancers, traumatic injuries or life-threatening, incurable inherited conditions but it needs your support to continue its vital research and work.

To support the charity and find out more please visit www.fullcirclefund.org.uk