How to hire amazing people!

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In the first of a series of helpful articles, Oxfordshire business hero Peter Mols offers his words of wisdom to help you employ the best people to help your business grow

300- 1: The #1 rule for hiring amazing people.

In the last month, a staggering 300 people have applied for jobs with our small business, and today, I’ll share my #1 rule for attracting the right people to you.

As a business coach, the facilitator of mastermind groups and the founder of a kick-ass networking group, I speak to lots of people who tell me that they scaled their business, only to find the challenge of “managing people” too hard, and decided to scale back down to being a “solopreneur”. It’s a sad story, which, to be honest, is completely avoidable if they’d just followed my #1 rule. 

Decide on the “culture” you want for the business before you’re ready to grow.

In the past month, 300 people have applied for positions at Outside Ideas, and I put it all down to that rule. It’s not because we’re paying the most, it’s not because we’re doing groundbreaking stuff and not because we’re the #1 in our industry (watch this space:). It’s because we focussed on telling the story about the business, where were going and our culture.

I speak to lots of people who tell me that they scaled their business, only to find the challenge of “managing people” too hard.”

I first learned about corporate culture more than 20 years ago during my business degree, when I read, Screw It, Let’s Do It by Richard Branson, Branson’s quote, “Train them so well that they could work anywhere, treat them so well they wouldn’t want to” sticks with me to this day.

The reality is, that most business owners are so focused on “making the furniture” that they never find the time to decide on the crucial first step to growth: deciding who you are, what you’re great at, where you’re going, and what you stand for; and WRITING IT DOWN.

By missing this first step, they set themselves up for a life of long weeks, short holidays, and spinning all the plates. 

In “business coaching” speak, we call this process creating a Vision, Mission, and Values, and I start there with all 121 clients.

If you’re a business owner who’s thinking about growing, my challenge to you this month is simple, spend some time answering the following questions:

  • Where is the business heading, where do you see it in 10 years’ time? This is your Vision
  • What do you want to be “world-class” at? This is your Mission
  • What are your internal values as a human? These are your Business values

Next month, I can share my strategy for attracting the right kind of people to your business using the Oi Way of hiring great people, or I can discuss creating values for your business. You chose, and let me know at [email protected] 

Onwards and upwards, my friends!

Can you support Nai’s House?

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Oxford charity provides mental health support for young adults

Last year 65 people in Oxon took their own life – most of them young adults with suicide now the biggest cause of death for people under 35. Each death is heart-breaking – a tragedy, a terrible loss and a dreadful waste of potential. A death that changes the family they leave behind forever. 

There is a fantastic charity Nai’s House.  Set up in 2019 by Nai’s Mum – Gem after Nai sadly took her own life in 2017 aged just 22 , Nai’s House is a place of sanctuary, safety and support. It is a place that gives young people in crisis the safe space of a ‘home from home, a place where they can get the specialist help, they need, an environment that can help them hopefully turn a corner and move through crisis to more stability. 

Since 2019 they have helped over 600 young people, but they are at a crossroads. The truth is they can’t meet the demand they are now facing. More and more young people are getting in touch asking for help with over 200 young people on their waiting list, many of them who can’t get the support they need through the NHS given the pressures there. 

It’s an emergency for sure but it is an emergency we can help address and help tackle together. If Nai’s House can grow and expand its services it can offer help to the 200 plus people on the waiting lists. 

Your support could make a massive difference and offer a genuine lifeline. Just £20 could help give a young person in need a fighting chance. It costs £800 a year to help one young person with professional therapy to. £520 over 13 weeks to train a volunteer. But the reality is that every penny counts. 

Nai’s House didn’t exist when Nai needed it.  Please help us make sure it can be there for other young people who do now so, together, we can help prevent this tragic loss of young life. 

Please watch this video to see how you can help….

Support for better sleep from Simba

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Tossing and turning? Hot and bothered? We’ve teamed up to offer some tips for a sounder slumber thanks to the team at Simba

We’re constantly told how important a good kip is for our health. However, if you struggle to get the recommended sleep, this can only add to the feelings of tiredness and anxiety.

As the Simba team recognise, there are many reasons for not getting enough sleep, not least that the nation is home to an estimated 15 million snorers, keeping 78% of partners awake! Lack of sleep and stress are common bedfellows and can create a negative feedback loop that can be self-sabotaging.

Our body temperature and room temperature can have a big impact of our sleep cycle which is regulated by the circadian rhythm and light and dark cycle. Temperature for sleep is important, as the body cools itself down by sending heat away from the core and towards the extremities using vasodilation. Cold feet may disrupt this process, so you may find bed socks will help you to nod off more easily.

No matter the time of year, the ideal sleeping temperature is between 15.5-19.5C (that’s 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit). As a general rule, your bedroom should be cooler than other rooms in the house and babies need to sleep in a cooler room (between 16C and 20C).

As any woman aged over 40 will know, trying to maintain a steady temperature all night can prove impossible, with many bedrooms becoming a sweaty, anxious landscape (partner or no partner) in the wee hours.

There’s more bad news for bad sleepers. A higher body temperature is associated with a decrease in restorative REM or slow-wave sleep. During this phase of the sleep cycle, the body ceases most-temperature regulation which makes us more sensitive to the ambient room temperature, and more likely to wake from overheating. Lack of REM sleep leads to grogginess, impacts the immune system, memory, and focus.

And it’s not just hormones, of course: globally, night time temperatures are increasing faster than day time temperatures due to the climate crisis.

So what can be done? Creating good sleep hygiene, and a wind-down bedtime routine without screens has been proven to help, as has opening your windows and cutting back on stimulants. Certain types of mattresses can be warmer than others, so if you’re overheating at night, it’s worth switching from a memory foam mattress to a cooler mattress. Mattresses that promote airflow and use cooling technology can help reduce episodes of overheating and improve overall comfort.

Clever choices of bedding will also help, including The Simba Renew Bio™ fill. The clever sleep experts at Simba have crafted the down-like soft and warm breathable duvet for a non-clammy feel. The fresh, cotton outer features the Stratos® temperature control tech to help dissipate excess heat. We can assure you that this sleep saviour can have you sleeping like a baby (not the best example, as new parents will attest) instead of being at the mercy of those hot night time flushes. It’s also made from recycled PET bottle fibres, biodegrades at end of its life and almost totally dissolves in about two years when deposited in a landfill environment.

Watch this space for more info and a competition to win a Hybrid® Mattress Topper in our March competition.

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