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A small space needn’t be a bar to big ideas you have for your home, there are many ways to make the most of what you’ve got

Got big dreams for your home but limited space to work with? Small is beautiful right? So start thinking about the possibilities…

A loft conversion, slim side extension or adding room at the rear, glass doors to welcome in more light, retracting doors and bi-folds, garage conversion or a kitchen redesign can all help you go from cramped to comfortable.

Loft conversions are one of the most common and cost effective ways to add space and are an ideal way to create that extra bedroom, office space or even a den. Well designed and executed it can add value to your property too. Not all lofts are suitable for conversion so make sure you do your homework first – height and roof pitch are major considerations and you’ll also need to check whether planning permission is required, often not but better safe than sorry.

Pyne Planning Limited is an Oxfordshire based independent planning consultancy that understands the acute challenges and complexities faced when trying to achieve planning permission. From providing initial advice, through to managing and overseeing your planning application, we are here to help navigate and smooth this process. Contact [email protected] for information.

Making every inch of space count is key when you don’t have an excessive amount to work with and in some cases, ie the kitchen, you may need to be clever with storage and light to create the impression of less being more. Adding skylights will let more natural light in and increase the impression of height.
No room for a freestanding table and chairs, try creating a built-in storage area with padded seating and storage space beneath. Roller blinds will also add to the sense of size giving a cleaner look. Can you knock through into your dining area to craft a larger space, creating an open plan room?

Adding an extension needn’t mean giving up some of your precious green space, a slim side extension could be the answer, you’ll be surprised how much difference a few extra feet can make. Perhaps knock down an internal wall to add onto existing kitchen space.
A pitched roof will add height, thus enhancing the space you have. Again natural light can be a real boost, how about a conservatory-style glass panel roof or the addition of bi-folds opening onto a patio to give the illusion of the outside being part of your inside, creating the feel of more space.

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Let’s talk about your garage. Be honest, how often does your car get to use what was intended to be its home? I suspect like most of us, it’s become an overflow area for garden tools, bikes, luggage and all those things you just don’t know what to do with but can’t bear to throw away. How about making the most of that precious space, it could be the answer to that much-need extra bedroom, utility room or home office. You may even be able to go upwards and add a bedroom above your garage.

Olive Green Interiors, led by interior designer Jude, specializes in transforming small spaces into functional and beautiful sanctuaries. Jude’s approach combines creativity, practicality, and attention to detail. Her top three tips for maximizing small spaces: 1. Hidden Storage. 2. Clever Lighting. 3. Multi-Functional Furniture. By seamlessly integrating these elements, Jude ensures that small spaces not only look stylish but also function efficiently. Your home can truly become a cozy retreat! Find out how they can help make the most of your space at

Of course one simple way to create space that doesn’t cost a penny and may even make you some, is decluttering. “Decluttering and organising your home is more than just tidying up; it’s a transformative process that enhances your space, time and mental clarity”, says Rachel Yates from A Tidy Mind South. “A clutter-free environment not only accentuates the feeling of calm and space but also significantly improves wellbeing by reducing overwhelm. Simplifying your surroundings means less to maintain, making everyday living easier and more enjoyable. “Clever storage solutions ingeniously expand even the tightest areas, creating an illusion of spaciousness.” Visit to find out more.