Tea for Two?

Round & About

As a nation, we drink 165 million cups of tea, a day – many of this number are probably made in the Round & About office.

This week we celebrate Afternoon Tea Week. A celebration of one of the nation’s favourite traditions: tea drinking and cake scoffing. So why not go out and about and find yourself a little teahouse. It’s the best way to celebrate the summer, now the weather has cooled.

Afternoon tea is a sociable ocasion to be enjoyed with friends and family. So remember to smile and make polite conversation (between mouthfuls, of course) and savour this most quintessential of English afternoon traditions.

If you need any distraction, from all the etiquette, we are still taking answers for our guess the number of macarons competition.

Or have fun with the following quiz

[HDquiz quiz = “820”]