Special forces

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Attention! Learn about what life is like as a soldier, now and historically at The National Army Museum. There are plenty of exhibitions and workshops to visit, and to follow are just a few highlights of what has been curated…

Special Forces: In the Shadows is a major exhibition presenting ideas of security and secrecy through the lens of British Special Forces. Discover who these elite soldiers are, the training and skills they need and some of the operations they’ve undertaken around the world over the past 70 years. Exhibiting from now until November.

Learn about the forgotten fronts of the First World War with 20-minute object handling of artefacts from the Indian Army collection, on Wednesday, 4th July, between 11am and 2.30pm.

Behind the scenes: Artists Rifles on Wednesday, 4th July, 6.30-8pm, Is a talk about Artists Rifles, a regiment formed in 1860 by a group of painters, architects, poets, sculptors, musicians and actors concerned about a possible French invasion. Notable members included William Morris, Frederick Leighton and Noël Coward.

Bluebirds of War: Canadian nurses in the First World War, is on Friday, 6th July, 11.30am. Dr Andrea McKenzie discusses the experiences on the Western Front, and how, through shot and shell, bombs and torpedoes, 3,000 miles from their homes, the nurses cared for the casualties of war.

Security and the army tour on Saturday, 7th July, 2pm, will explore the topic of security and the army, in 2018.

Operation Husky, 1943 is on Friday, 13th July, 11.30am, where Will Fowler discusses the amphibious and airborne assault on Sicily, that was a major campaign of the Second World War.

Remembering Australians in the First World War
is on Friday, 20th July, 11.30am, with Dr Jenny Macleod exploring Australia’s pride in its military role in the First World War and how this has been used as the basis of its national identity.

Parachute Summer, from Saturday, 21st July until Sunday, 2nd September. Just pick up a ticket from the Welcome Desk. Make a parachute and see how well it works at this free workshop.

The National Army Museum is in Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, SW3 4HT. Call 020 7730 0717 to find out more about the talks and workshops or book online at www.nam.ac.uk