Planet-friendly Recycle 4 Cash campaign

Liz Nicholls

Scott Andrews from Farnham invites you to sign up now to make money from your recyclables; £25 per household, £150 per club, school, charity or organisation and £1,500 for businesses commercial or retail

Scott has launched a crowdfunder campaign aimed at helping us all recycle more. Recycle 4 Cash rewards everyone taking part by giving points for everyday items thrown in the recycle bi, exchanging your recycling for points redeemable in the shop or online or converted into cash. Scott’s initial target is £25,000 with an ultimate goal of £100,000. There are about three weeks left so please support this now!

“With your help we can get this off the ground,” says Scott. “It’s an all-or-nothing bid so we hope you get behind us and recognise the benefits this will bring to everyone involved.”

“We are currently seeking funds to buy new machinery for our plastic recycling side of the business, the machines will be used to process the waste plastic into different products that will be re sold from the waste we collect, there’s four machines we are looking to purchase at a total of £30,000.

“We have secured £5,000 from four business customers who signed up for having their recycle bin emptied every two weeks so they can see a bargain. Ideally we want support from people and businesses in Farnham Surrey and the surrounding towns and villages as these will be the initial winners in this, however we realise others might love the idea and want to support us so we will give everyone who funds us something back – it could be something made by our workers or local craft makers at the very least 25% off the shop products. I hope this does get funded and the community get behind us so we in turn can help hundreds more raise funds for their great cause!”