Maths = fun!

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Ping Woolley of Mathnasium in Summertown explains how you can help your child subtract stress and add confidence!

Maths seems to induce more stress than any other subject, leading to anxiety which can have a huge impact on overall learning.

Many parents will opt for the traditional one-to-one tutor when extra help is needed but many experts believe that children working alongside their peers often work better.

This is where Mathnasium can help – children need an environment in which they feel secure and where learning maths can be challenging but fun, children will realise they are not alone in needing extra help or indeed enjoying maths.

Mathnasium students take a customised assessment which pinpoints their individual learning needs then a customised learning plan is designed which can be shared with your child’s school maths teacher for continuity.

Children learn best by understanding what they are doing. Mathnasium’s expert instructors look at different ways of approaching the same problem to develop this understanding along with independent thinking.

One mum of a seven-year-old boy who has been attending Mathnasium since it opened commented: “My son has benefited greatly from his twice weekly sessions, gaining in confidence and ability. As his parent I feel relief that he is beginning to be happier around maths and that someone else is doing the teaching! It’s an easy venue with regards to location; welcoming and friendly. Ping and her team seem to really care about the children using the service.”

Mathnasium North Oxford Centre on South Parade, Summertown offers maths learning support for children aged 6 to 12.

Contact 01865 655968, email [email protected] or visit for details.