Life in the dark

Round & About

The Natural History Museum takes visitors from tree-tops to sea beds to celebrate biodiversity and the amazing power of nature, with it latest family-friendly display. From fish to foxes, bats to boas, visitors can get up-close to a huge variety of elusive creatures, in its latest exhibition: Life In The Dark.

Professor Geoff Boxshall, science lead, explains: “At any one time, half the world is in darkness, and no sunlight ever reaches the deep sea or underground caves. Yet the night-time world is teeming with life and both the deep sea and caves are inhabited by a myriad of species. Even in the absence of light, life has found a way.”

This family-friendly exhibition delves into the darkest corners of earth to reveal a vibrant ecosystem as rich and diverse as any in sunlight. Utilising the latest advances, the museum has researched a huge variety of specimens and species in previously inaccessible and challenging places.

As well as coming face-to-face with some of the planet’s most elusive animals, visitors will can enjoy immersive installations, transporting them from the chaos of a bat-filled cave past live specimens and on to the spectacular luminescence of a deep sea light show. You’ll be among the first to see recently identified specimens, entirely new to science.

Be enlightened by the darkness at this summer’s most fascinating exploration, and discover that when the lights go out, the action begins.

Free late event on Friday, 27th July, 6-10pm, visit