Learn a new skill with OAL

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Make 2023 the year you learn a new skill with Oxfordshire Adult Learning

Everyone should have the opportunity to find a hobby, retrain, upskill, follow their passion, or fulfil their potential. That’s why Oxfordshire Adult Learning are removing obstacles and providing flexible learning opportunities in communities across Oxfordshire.

There are plenty of positive reasons to study part-time or join an evening course. Whether it’s enjoying the social side of learning, developing a new skill, or taking the first step towards a new career; part-time study can be very positive in giving you a sense of accomplishment. You may even have a finished project to take home when you’re done!

Oxfordshire Adult Learning, which is a faculty of Abingdon & Witney College, offer part-time and evening courses designed to be as flexible as possible. For those who are worried about fees, unsure what direction to take, or require a course nearby; there are options and support ready and waiting. They offer over 600 courses a year, in more than 45 venues across Oxfordshire, so there’s always going to be something interesting nearby. For a full list of courses visit: www.abingdon-witney.ac.uk/part-time-evening/

If you are interested in finally achieving your New Year’s resolution to learn a language, want to put your creativity to use, or just learn a new skill; search ‘Oxfordshire Adult Learning’ online.

Can I learn a new skill in 2023? Yes! You can!