Leanda McConnell’s first exhibition in Ramsbury

Round & About

Artist Leanda McConnell is preparing her first exhibition at Golden Lion Gallery, Ramsbury

After 14 years working at Vogue, Leanda swapped the West End for West Berkshire and started a digital service featuring personalised original artwork and hand drawn family illustrations.

In this debut body of new paintings, she is looking to evoke the warm spirit of her previous artwork whilst reducing it to an essence of colour and texture. Whilst the works are abstract, the themes draw on feelings of the coast, summer days and dreamlike storms without wishing to influence the viewer’s own interpretation.

Leanda says: “I can’t help but think that when I’m trying to represent abstract feelings like love and happiness, it’s important not to give them too much of a shape. I’m very influenced by works of poetry and art from the Romantic period and appreciate their interpretation of the beauty and simplicity of the natural world through the ‘one life’. When I think about trying to do this myself, only a sort of everything and nothing philosophy seems to make sense.”

The oil paint is mixed with cold wax and applied thickly with a palette knife. Tools such as rope, stones and driftwood are then used to create the marks that give more texture in a way that is completely consistent with the theme of the painting.

Leanda will be showing her first exhibition at Golden Lion Gallery, Ramsbury from June 22nd to 29th.

Enquiries via [email protected] or artleanda.co.uk