Le Tour de Farcycles in Faringdon

Round & About

Faringdon-based Farcycles are getting ready to stage their 11th Le Tour de Farcycles on Saturday, 13th July

Take part in a sublime blend of BREW-tiful Cotswold countryside and three deliciously smooth MOCHA-me-happy rides depending on how far you want to push yourself.

We’re famous for the delicious homemade fare at the well-stocked feed stations, and the hot lunch at the finish!

All funds raised by the Sportive go towards local cycling projects including supporting the Cycle Park, teaching and commissioning infrastructure projects such as cycle repair stations, and road safety signs.

Primo-30 (the FLAT WHITE): 30 miles of rolling Cotswold countryside that is just enough to stretch someone looking for a first event. It is also the choice for regular cyclists to have a social meander through some of the region’s prettiest villages. The route is also perfect for families who would like to cycle together.

Medio-50 (the FRAPPUCHINO): 50 miles taking in some of our favourite country lanes. This is the perfect ride for cyclists who want to try a longer distance for the first time or who want a longer ride while still having enough energy for lunch afterwards.

Massimo-80 (the MACHO-ATTO): 80 miles taking in some hillier terrain that will stretch regular cyclists with a big hill or two, while still enjoying the archetypal Cotswold scenery. Back in time for lunch to relive your epic ride with your cycling buddies.

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