Continue learning as an adult

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Oxford University offers short and part-time courses for adult learners, in person and online

Start of further your learning journey at any time of life with Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education. You’ll join a highly diverse and vibrant learning community embedded in a world-class university, formed of students of all ages, from all backgrounds and from all over the world.

Courses designed for you

Explore the curious, mysterious or perplexing! Whether you wish to learn for personal interest or professional development, have previous experience or are a complete beginner, we have a course for you.

“Explore the curious, mysterious or perplexing!”

Short courses include day schools, weekend events and weekly learning programmes and run in person or online, with some offered in both formats so you can choose how to join. Part-time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are delivered in a range of formats including mostly or fully online, blending learning (a mix of online and in-person) or through regular in-person meetings.

Our courses are all designed for adult learners and are offered in subject areas including creative writing, literature, history, philosophy, technology, sustainability, economics, languages and more.

Learn from experts in their field

Learn, explore and debate with our highly skilled tutors and expert speakers, who all have a deep passion for their subject and a depth of knowledge in their field.

Many of our tutors and speakers are working professionals, providing real-time practical insight and case studies, others are world-renowned for their research and contribution to developing knowledge and improvements in a particular area.

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Celebrating 145 years of adult learning

This year, Oxford Continuing Education will celebrate its 145th anniversary. Since our inception in 1878, the Department has offered a unique route into an Oxford education for adult learners. What we share with the rest of the University is a commitment to excellence, to supporting every student to learn and grow, and to nurturing intellectual curiosity and self-confidence.