2023: The year to learn

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Want to increase your happiness and sense of wellbeing in 2023? Take a class with Oxford Continuing Education 

Lifelong learning reduces loneliness and makes people happier, healthier, more confident, capable and resilient, and makes communities smarter and more inclusive – according to recent local government guidance.

Whether you learn online or in person, embark on a short course or a university programme, the benefits of adult education are impossible to ignore. 

Learning keeps your brain healthy 

A stimulated brain develops at any age. Faced with new challenges, our brains form new connections, generate new neurons, and create pathways between brain cells. Continuing to learn through life is also thought to slow cognitive and memory decline as we age.

Staying connected 

According to coverage in The Guardian, more than nine million adults in the UK are often or always lonely. Joining a class puts you in touch with people who share your interests. Online learning carries the added benefit of exposing you to people and perspectives from around the world. 

Feeling fulfilled 

Harvard research shows that when we take the time to learn new things, we open our minds and gain wisdom that can help us make the world a better place through social change and other life-affirming endeavours. 

Career success 

With 55% of UK organisations reporting a skills shortage, and 47% of people considering a career change, earning an award or degree in a subject that’s associated with your preferred career – or making a start with a short course – is a great way to put your career on track. 

It’s easier than ever to engage in lifelong learning 

The rise of online education has made lifelong learning possible no matter where you live. Many online courses let you study at whatever time of day suits you. For those who want in-person interaction, consider an online course with scheduled live-time meetings. 

Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education has been providing opportunities for part-time adult learners for more than 144 years, with over one thousand courses designed for people like you who are passionate about learning and growth. This includes short courses held in Oxford and online, flexible undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, professional development courses and summer schools. 

With learning opportunities in archaeology, counselling, creative writing, business and management, nanotechnology, health sciences, history and so much more – what will you learn in 2023?