Phil Hall’s Wallingford Wishing Well

Round & About

Phil Hall’s new fantasy action novel Wallingford Wishing Well is set in our lovely town of Wallingford.

Phil Hall, whose last book, Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards was quite autobiographical, has taken a different angle this time.

Wallingford Wishing Well is a fantasy action novel set locally and in the present day. Phil says it’s partially based on real-life characters (with a few fictional ones thrown in) and that the story is fast-paced enough to keep you reading until the last page.

It features various local landmarks including The Kinecroft, Wallingford Bridge, pubs The Old Post Office and The Coach and Horses and Castle Gardens. The plot is loosely based on William the Conqueror’s occupation of the town but is mainly set today. The plot includes an ancient curse as well as hijinks and skulduggery.

“With a few references to the fascinating history of Wallingford, there are plenty of twists and turns that ensure the reader never gets bored,” adds married dad-of-one Phil. “If you live here or have visited, please have a read of this 140-pager because it’s most likely you’ll recognise the overall vibe and can imagine the rest.”

It ends on a massive plot climax, and Phil hopes it might one day provide the basis for a funny short TV movie, appealing to people who enjoy quirky storylines and even quirkier characters.

Wallingford Wishing Well is stocked at Wallingford Book Shop or you can buy on Amazon.