Nit wit

Round & About

Abingdon mums Julia King and Julia Thomas will be out and about this month promoting their great new book Super Nit Rescue Mission

A super hero is not the classic character trait that instantly springs to mind when pondering the subject of headlice. But instead of reaching for another lotion of bug-killer, Julia Thomas picked up a pen and began musing about these uninvited beasts.

This singing teacher, who works at St Helen’s School in Abingdon, says: “I’ve got really thick, curly hair, and so do my children. Getting rid of headlice hurts, and I guess writing this story was a coping mechanism for us all. Creating a book on this irritating subject was my motivation to help other families talk about it, and help their kids not to feel ashamed.”

Why a superhero? “Well our hero is not from this planet – he’s lost on Harry’s head,” continues Julia. “He’s a good guy; and fights the pirate nits, headed by Captain Louse. He wins, and in return for ridding Harry’s hair of bad nits, gets a lift back to his space ship.”

Julia joined “heads” with her writer friend Julia King to create this heart-warming tale, about nasty headlice. The pair are mum-and-stepmum to the same daughter as well as mums to their half siblings.