Seesaw success

Round & About

After 78,871 bounces, Richard March and Michael Jones beat the non-stop seesaw record having gone up and down for 80 hours, 10 minutes and six seconds.

Richard, 38, from Sandhurst, and Michael, 36 from Ruscombe, celebrated in Twyford having beaten the previous record by 10 minutes.

The pair started at 11am on Saturday, 13th April and were cheered on in their efforts over the next four days by a constant stream of local residents who came to watch at the former Polehampton Boys’ School.

They emulated the achievement of Twyford Youth Club members David Turner and David Sutch who set the previous record 50 years ago, bouncing up and down 57,810 times in 80 hours.

Richard and Michael beat the record on a seesaw constructed by David T complete with seats from his own car.

Funds raised from the effort will go towards a new charity called Twyford Community Hub which plans to turn the former school into a library and central venue for local groups.

Richard, a project manager, said he was very tired but that it had not been as bad as he had imagined. He added: “I am amazed at the interest there has been in our attempt. It has had a global reach. A friend of mine told me he had seen it on television in Majorca.”

Microsoft consultant Michael was also overwhelmed by the interest shown, adding: “The lack of sleep has been the toughest part, but now I can go home and be with the family.”

  Pictured: Michael Jones, left, and Richard March celebrate exhausted after beating the record

Photo: Tony Phillips