Wrappers delight

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Guildford’s Carolyn Ledger explains more about Naturally Wrapt – the planet-friendly business she launched this year, in addition to her job as a SEN teacher

t the end of last year, after realising Sellotape was a single-use plastic, I decided to opt for plastic-free gift wrapping and to encourage others to do the same.

Sourcing real eco-friendly products was not easy. Some labelled “natural” or “jute” are actually entirely man-made! Others are natural but contain near-invisible plastic thread. And the products that are out there are spread far and wide making them hard to find and costly to deliver.

I was undeterred but began thinking this might put off other plastic-free wrappers. What we needed was one source of reasonably priced plastic-free wrapping products, shipped in plastic-free packing… After grappling with the computer for a few weeks this became a reality in February!

I was surprised how few people knew washi/masking/rice tape was even an alternative so took to social media. I post pictures of “Life after Sellotape” showing “sustainable choices”.

Right now, Naturally Wrapt is a hobby (no big margins) but that’s OK. I enjoy promoting environmental gain for the planet over profit. The point is to raise awareness about choices (we need to think more about using what we already have). Sending orders plastic-free has attracted small businesses to ask for advice (FYI: gummed tape is the way forward!). I’m working with two refill businesses – check out Noel’s Farm Shop in Sutton Green and – if you’re over that way – Packaging Not Included in Marlborough. Who knows where this will take me next?