Let’s get crafty!

Liz Nicholls

Happy half term everyone! How’s it going so far?

My daughter and I stayed in our pyjamas until gone lunchtime on Monday then decided to get some fresh air by foraging for autumn leaves and returning for some Halloween-themed craft!

Blue Peter celebrated its 60th birthday last week and we’re inspired to make lots of Halloween crafts.

Here at Round & About we’re keen to promote responsible trick or treating, so please make sure that you only knock on doors which have a pumpkin or similarly spooky paraphernalia on display! The quandary we find ourselves in is that we want to welcome knockers on the evening but are also keen to go out & about so we try to race back as soon as we can!

There are so many great ideas for decorating pumpkins (or kits if you want to make it even easier!). This year we’ve decided to go for bats which was an easy and fun choice (see pic!).

We’ve also raided the craft cupboard at home to create some pipe cleaner critters – snakes and rainbow tarantulas! They look fab in our window web display, with a random collection of cacti and spooky bits and bobs.

We want to know and see what you’ve been making so please drop a line & share!