Sentimental journey: Twyford singers in France

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Twyford Twinning has celebrated its very first project with its new ‘sibling’, the town of Cuincy in northern France.

The twinning groups achieved their goal of cementing their relationship before the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and moving ceremonies were held in Cuincy to honour the war dead in November.

The weekend of 10th-11th was devoted to remembering those lost between 1914 and 1918 and began with an exhibition about the battles that took place in the region.

A visit to the British Cemetery to pay respects to those who fell left not a dry eye, accompanied by schoolchildren from Cuincy singing God Save the Queen, a truly emotional moment for all. This was matched by a similar tribute at the French war memorial where the children sang La Marseillaise.

Part of the inaugural project also involved a concert featuring High Voltage Singers from Twyford and Cuincy Melodie Choir. The Twyford singers received a “wonderful welcome” from their French counterparts and both Jacky Crossman, the leader of High Voltage and Marie France Ladent, president of Melodie gave speeches beforehand. And judging by the standing ovation given by the audience at the end it was a success all round with lots of friendships being made!

Jacky, who extended the offer of a return visit, said: “The High Voltage Singers look forward to inviting Melodie choir back to Twyford for another joint concert in the future.”

  Anyone interested in joining High Voltage can contact them on 07780 580598 or via Facebook. For more information about Twyford Twinning, contact them at [email protected]