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Local businesses named as 2023 recipients of the Gold Trade Mark Award by Surrey Hills Enterprises

Two local businesses, Vineyards of the Surrey Hills and Chimney Fire Coffee, were named as the 2023 recipients of the Gold Trade Mark Award by Surrey Hills Enterprises for their environmental sustainability and local support.

Vineyards of the Surrey Hills are a cluster of five vineyards, priding themselves on the quality of their wine. They welcome people to visit and taste their wines, accompanied by tours of their beautiful vineyards.

Chimney Fire Coffee focus on their sustainability, using 100% compostable materials for their coffee bags and work directly with their farmers and exporters to ensure ethical sourcing.

Surrey Hills Enterprises focus on aiding local businesses to help the rural economy and support independent Surrey Hills businesses. On 18th July, they held their annual celebration, where they announced the winners of the Gold Trade Mark Award.

Chairman of Surrey Hills Enterprises, Simon Whalley, was pleased to congratulate the two winners, saying how the award “recognises local quality, environmental excellence and support for the Surrey Hills and other local businesses”. The two winners were both credited for these merits.

Vineyards of the Surrey Hills were additionally congratulated for their exemplary collaboration between their five vineyards, and their range of experiences offered to the public. Chimney Fire Coffee was congratulated similarly, and their achievement of a certified B corporation accreditation was also acknowledged. Being a B corporation means they work within a network, working to transform the local economy.

Overall, a great achievement for these local businesses!

To learn more about these two businesses, visit:
Surrey Hills Vineyards
Chimney Fire Coffee

For more information about membership and the work of Surrey Hills Enterprises, visit Surrey Hills Enterprises.

Author: Daisy Harwood