Strictly The Professionals: UK Tour 2024

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Fans of Strictly Come Dancing will surely be eager to secure their tickets for the Professionals Tour across the UK

This May, a dozen of pro dancers from the hit BBC One show; Strictly Come Dancing, hit the road for the 2024 UK tour. Under the direction of Jason Gilkison, known for his creativity and vision, the tour promises to showcase the exceptional talent of the professional dancers. From phenomenal dance numbers to dazzling costumes, the show will undoubtedly capture the essence of Strictly Come Dancing and its beloved magic.

The kickoff of the UK tour in Oxford on May 1st marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey across the country. The dancers are Dianne Buswell, Vito Coppola, Graziano Di Prima, Carlos Gu, Karen Hauer, Neil Jones, Nikita Kuzmin, Gorka Marquez, Luba Mushtuk, Jowita Przystal and Nancy Xu.

With live performances by singers and a band, the atmosphere is sure to be electric, enhancing the experience for audience members. And with a tour schedule spanning 36 dates across various cities in the UK, fans from all over will have the opportunity to witness the spectacle first-hand.

Overall, it’s clear that the Strictly Come Dancing The Professionals UK Tour for May 2024 will be a must-see event for fans of dance and entertainment alike.

Tickets are available from Strictly The Professionals

Movie magic

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Strictly Come Dancing

Anton DuBeke and Erin Boag will bring Dance those Magical Movies to Reading’s Hexagon this March

Britain’s best-loved ballroom duo are back with a new show for 2020! Songs from the silver-screen, set to sensational choreography, will give audiences a red-carpet performance from the UK’s leading dance stars and a spectacular dance ensemble.

The show includes musical classics from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Singin’ in the Rain, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, The Greatest Showman, and many more. Peter Anderson caught up with Erin and found she does a lot of the planning!

We’ve seen Anton have a very successful Strictly in 2019; does this mean he has little time to plan this tour? “Well, with Anton being busy with Strictly, I spend a lot of time working on tour admin,” agrees Erin. “When it comes to queries, it’s up to me to either answer them or have a quick chat with Anton when I can. I am also a dance teacher, so I have my pupils and keep my hand in performance-wise doing the occasional show with Ian Waite.”

We know Anton is a keen singer – do you have any hidden talents? “They are very well hidden, they keep trying to persuade me to sing, but my singing is restricted to the shower and with my lovely young son.”
How do they wind down after? “We have a meet-and-greet after the show, and then help with the ‘get out’. Both Anton and I like to drive to the next venue while we are still on a high from the show. The roads are a lot quieter at night. It is so nice to get to the hotel, have a sleep and breakfast rather than get up in the morning and drive.”

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Strictly Come Dancing

Signalling the end of the summer and the beginning of cosy Saturday nights in, this August Bank Holiday weekend sees two titan contestant shows begin: Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. Social media has been buzzing with ‘big reveals’ on: who’s dancing and who’s judging? But we would like to know: Which show you will be watching? Cast your vote below…

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We asked about where you think affordable housing should be built: green belt or brownfield. Here is the result…

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Up swing

Liz Nicholls

Strictly Come Dancing

Liz Nicholls chats to ballroom dancer Anton du Beke

Q. Hello Anton – lovely to chat to you! I’ve just been shuffling about in the kitchen to your CD… Do you like January?
“Thank you – that’s exactly the reaction I wanted! Well, in January I’m so busy. I’m in the studio working on my tour. It’s incredibly exhausting and I have about a thousand steps to learn so my brain feels like it’s about to melt. I have songs to remember and chat to learn. Erin [Boag] and I tour every January, February, March. So I don’t get January blues. I always feel quite poor, though, because those credit card bills mount up and I’ve gone a bit too mad at Christmas again. 2017 has been the best year ever – getting married and doing so much great stuff.”

Q. Where are you now?
“In the living room at my house in Burnham Beeches. It’s a lovely part of the world. I don’t come from round here; I grew up in Sevenoaks and spent a number of years in central London. When I met Hannah she came from here and I’ve loved to be here and discover the area. Bucks is gorgeous and equidistant between the M4 and M40 which is perfect when I’m on the road. Take the dogs for a walk in the woods – we have two short-hair black-and-tan daschunds called Antoninus and Branston.”

Q. How do you stay healthy?
“We do eat pretty healthily. Hannah is a great cook and we never eat meals you grab out the fridge and shove in the oven. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke but I’ve always lived that kind of lifestyle – it’s not something I’ve worked at, it’s just normal for me.”

Q. Who were your early musical influences?
“Growing up, I fell in love with musicals. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were my heroes – I wanted to dance like them but didn’t know how I’d go from a church hall in Kent to being Fred Astaire! Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior – those great entertainers – also impressed me, having an orchestra on stage. This album features a 36-piece orchestra who usually don’t do swing but were lovely. The string section were from the Royal Philharmonic – that’s how good they are.”

Q. It was a joy to watch you dancing with Ruth [Langsford] on Strictly at the end of last year! Did you get on with Ruth?
“Brilliant; she’s a joy. She and Eamonn are so funny and Ruth has the best ever sense of humour!”

Q. Do you see much live music?
“A little bit but I don’t go to many big concerts. I found when I went to a few when I was young that you’re just in the way of the performance if that makes sense at all? But I’m always listening to music on Spotify on my phone to find stuff to dance to! And I do love going to all the big shows.”

Q. Your good friend Bruce Forsyth died last year and I’m sorry for your loss. How have you coped with that?
“Thank you. It was a massive shame and a big shock. I spoke to him about two weeks before he passed away and he said he felt a bit better and had been on his exercise machine to start building his strength up. I’ve got a song on the album called Me And My Shadow which is about him and quite an important song to me. I still feel sad but lucky to have known him. People deal with it in their own way, but my life is better for having known him.”

Q. Have you got any dreams for this year?
“No! With the babies and getting married last year and the album and a great Strictly I feel really happy with my lot! All I’d like is more of the same, please… well, no more twins! Actually what I’d like is them to grow big and beautiful and happy.”