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Phil Hall’s book Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards documents his journey, with his family, around the globe with lots of laughs and learning along the way. Debt, dementia, emigration and attempted murder are a pretty potent mix of ingredients…

However it’s testament to Wallingford dad Phil Hall’s writing style and honesty that these factors result in an entertaining page-turner. In fact, any reader of his new book might well feel as though they’ve known him ages…

Phil, who is 52, has written about his adventures, starting six years ago, when he decided to eschew midlife workplace disappointment and debt by moving to Asia along with his beloved wife Jum, son Tom, and dog Megan. Always honest and often heart-breaking, this exotic excellent adventure is beset with the real-life dramas that are more moving than fiction. As Phil’s father’s health worsened, he and the family found themselves torn between two continents and spinning several plates to try to manage the stress.

The Hall family are now living back in Wallingford, and Phil says the period, which he self-deprecatingly describes as “how not to move to a strange country” strengthened their love.

“Luckily, we have all come out relatively unscathed,” Phil says. “You can’t live life to the fullest without making a few cock-ups along the way. We’re so proud of Tom especially – he’s grown into a great young man. It’s been emotional but I don’t think life should ever be about regrets.”

You can buy Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards at Wallingford book shop and online. Please also visit for more info.