Delicious grill deal at M&S

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M&S are here to feed your BBQ obsession with their three for £12 grill deal of bangers, burgers and kebabs

Do you love BBQs? Are you searching to find new dishes to impress your friends and family? M&S are here to the rescue. With their new three for £12 grill deal, you can make both your friends and your taste buds happy!

Not only do M&S offer such a banging deal, but they also offer a new range of bangers, burgers and kebabs, which holds a vast range of flavours. Having a staycation, but fancy a trip to Asia? Try their Asian-style chicken wing kebabs. If Greece is more your style, indulge in their Greek-style pork skewers. Where you are at home or away, M&S grant the opportunity to experience all the flavours from your very own home with their new selection.

Vegan? Don’t fret! They have a very special treat for you! M&S have made sure that there is something for everyone and have officially introduced their iconic posh dogs as a vegan dish as well. Now everyone can enjoy the BBQ together with their new selection, with food requirements posing no threat.

Still craving more flavours after this? Well, M&S still have plenty to please you! Explore their range of sauces to spice up your meals. From Piri Piri Marinade to Buffalo Sauce, they have a number of different sauces perfect for marinating, dipping and drizzling your dishes with, making them even more delicious.

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