The June Gap

Cherry Butler


Have you got a bald patch in your garden border? Waiting for your buds to reach, full floral potential? Here are ten plants to fill the gaps.
  1. Astrantia always flower profusely in June. They come in many shades of cream, pink and burgundy.
  2. Hardy Geraniums are an all time favourite: there are ones suitable for shade ( G. macrorrhizum ) and those that flower all Summer long ( G. ‘Rozanne’).
  3. Violas come into their own during May and June from the meadow and woodland sweet violets to the plethora of cultivars and colours in nurseries.
  4. Aquilegias (Granny’s Bonnets) are stunning garden perennials that seed freely and grow in most soils.
  5. Iris sibirica come in beautiful shades of blue at this time of year. Often found beside ponds.
  6. Many Silene can be seen in full bloom now and are also known as campions.
  7. Alliums are a delightful onion relative giving architectural structure in the flower garden. ‘Purple Sensation’ and ‘Schubertii’ to name but two.
  8. Nigella are hardy annuals that seed freely and can be grown among perennials or in an annual border.
  9. Alchemilla mollis (Lady’s Mantle) has beautiful acid green flowers and is happy in sun or shade.
  10. Peonies are the pinnacle of cottage perennials and a delight to the senses!
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