Pirates Ahoy!

Liz Nicholls


Lechlade writer Sandra Dennis has recently published her second book for young readers aged between nine and 12; The School for Scoundrels – The Lost Map of the Prows.

How many of us have looked for a message in a bottle? One that could bring romance, or rescue someone trapped on a desert island..?

In her first novel, Shades of Time, Sandra kept her readers on their toes with the mysteries from the past which pull strings through time to make those of us in the present mere puppets in their grasp.

Her new volume, School For Scoundrels, should stir the fertile minds of our children. When a message in a bottle washes up in the harbour at the end of the summer holidays, little does Thomas Prow realise how much his ordinary life is about to change. ​Thom is reluctant to leave his grandparents, childhood home and friends but is forced to leave the seaside town in which he has grown up when his grandfather is kidnapped by pirates. He’s summoned by the mysterious Captain Ginger to attend a school for pirate youths, founded in 1642. Lessons in weaponry, history and ancestry, mythological beasts, map reading climbing the rigging and sail-mending help towards his F.Q.P. (fully qualified pirate) status

In this gripping yarn, young Thom must find new friends in a strange school to help him find his ancestor’s map and rescue his grandfather. As one young reader put it; “A great adventure for any budding pirate!”.

To find out more and buy the book, which is also available on Kindle and Amazon, visit www.sandradenniswrites.wixsite.com