Archie loves doggie-friendly luxe ready meals

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Archie Tracey the sprocker spaniel tucks into some premium ready meals from HugMyDog…

My mummy & daddy really ruv me! Even though ready meals aren’t on the menu for them right now, I’ve been really lucky to chomp some tasty treats from HugMyDog this week…

I have a sensitive tummy, so they have to be really careful with that they feed me. Even though Mum is veggie, she knows I love good quality meat, and the Beef with Sweet Potato meal was just the ticket!

These packets come in handy packets that go ping! In the microwave, then it’s a waiting game for them to cool down and get my chops into. Either in one go or else for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m not a greedy doggie (honest) so I had mine in portions.

The chicken with carrots and pork with apple were also just what the doctor ordered! Literally, because Mum was really happy that has a minimum meat content of 70% and is made from prime cuts of meat which are good enough for humans. And they’re bone-free, without any grains, legumes, or fillers, just wholesome and nourishing ingredients, including prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.

“No one wants a bummed-out doggy, do they?! Ruff!”

I’m here to tell you – on behalf of my friends in the pet community – that it’s very important our health is taken seriously! We’ll end up costing you more in the long run if we get poorly. So decent food like this is a good idea. There’s scientific proof that food like this will help our day-to-day health, and longevity, plus our mood. No one wants a bummed-out doggy, do they?! Ruff!

Sara Pearson, a joint founder of The Hug Pet Food Company, says: “Historically, pet food choices have been wet (tinned), dry (kibble), ready-cooked or raw. In the same way you would not dream of feeding your baby solely on a diet of tinned or dried food. It applies equally to a much-loved dog. The new urban pet owners have come into the market with fresh eyes and understand that feeding their pets properly with a good and wholesome diet can extend life, minimise illness and generate health and happiness. HugMyDog has been developed specifically to meet this demand”.