Archie loves doggie-friendly luxe ready meals

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Archie Tracey the sprocker spaniel tucks into some premium ready meals from HugMyDog…

My mummy & daddy really ruv me! Even though ready meals aren’t on the menu for them right now, I’ve been really lucky to chomp some tasty treats from HugMyDog this week…

I have a sensitive tummy, so they have to be really careful with that they feed me. Even though Mum is veggie, she knows I love good quality meat, and the Beef with Sweet Potato meal was just the ticket!

These packets come in handy packets that go ping! In the microwave, then it’s a waiting game for them to cool down and get my chops into. Either in one go or else for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m not a greedy doggie (honest) so I had mine in portions.

The chicken with carrots and pork with apple were also just what the doctor ordered! Literally, because Mum was really happy that has a minimum meat content of 70% and is made from prime cuts of meat which are good enough for humans. And they’re bone-free, without any grains, legumes, or fillers, just wholesome and nourishing ingredients, including prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.

“No one wants a bummed-out doggy, do they?! Ruff!”

I’m here to tell you – on behalf of my friends in the pet community – that it’s very important our health is taken seriously! We’ll end up costing you more in the long run if we get poorly. So decent food like this is a good idea. There’s scientific proof that food like this will help our day-to-day health, and longevity, plus our mood. No one wants a bummed-out doggy, do they?! Ruff!

Sara Pearson, a joint founder of The Hug Pet Food Company, says: “Historically, pet food choices have been wet (tinned), dry (kibble), ready-cooked or raw. In the same way you would not dream of feeding your baby solely on a diet of tinned or dried food. It applies equally to a much-loved dog. The new urban pet owners have come into the market with fresh eyes and understand that feeding their pets properly with a good and wholesome diet can extend life, minimise illness and generate health and happiness. HugMyDog has been developed specifically to meet this demand”.

Win! A portrait of your pet

Liz Nicholls


Love your kitty? Adore your doggy? We always knew that we Brits loved our pets passionately. But the last year has deepened our appreciation for our animal companions!

April is National Pet Month, and National Pet Day is on 11th April. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Surrey artist & pet-lover Bri to offer you the chance to win a portrait of your pet…

Artist Bri had planned to launch her drawing and painting workshops for beginners in March 2020… until the world put a stop to that! She jokes: “Timing has never been my speciality but this takes the mick!”

Keeping motivated

Bri decided to offer free pet portraits to local people… “This was an exercise to get some practice and to bring a smile to people’s faces,” she tells us. “I know how important a pet’s company is: I live alone with my dog. She’s my best mate, haha! And I couldn’t have been more grateful for the distraction she gave me. Also, she was a legal reason to leave the house! I thought pet portraits would be nice to keep me motivated as I was unable to tutor. I’d never done a pet portrait before but after I put up a couple of posters I was inundated.”

Hundreds of responses

Bri completed almost 50 portraits, 31 alone last April. “When I first thought about the type of work I could offer free to encourage people to commission me, pets were the subject I thought would attract most interest,” she says. “But hundreds of responses and the copious positive feedback was on a scale I didn’t imagine! It proves we’re a nation of animal-lovers. From dogs to cats, and the odd gecko thrown in, we love our pets. It’s particularly worthwhile to hear how someone got genuine happiness from seeing a pet who perhaps isn’t with them any more celebrated in paint.”

Rebranded as The Isolating Artist, Bri evolved to virtual workshops. “Online teaching is a fantastic way to communicate in what otherwise would be an impossible situation, but classroom tutoring is the best way to learn to draw and paint,” says Bri. “I hope soon to bring together a beginners’ art group. I want to introduce students to the fun of art and give people a chance to be creative, to look at the world differently. If there’s anything we need after all this it’s to leave the house so what better reason than an art class?”

As for influences, Bri says: “As a kid, art was the only thing I was any good at, so that was a natural inspiration. I remember coming across a book about Francis Bacon at school. It changed my opinion on how I should draw and paint; something I’ll never forget seeing for the first time”. Bacon remains one of Bri’s favourite artists, alongside Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Edward Hopper and many more.”

Visit to find out about Bri or sign up for an art class.

WIN your pet’s portrait!

We want you to share your love for the pet in your life. Share a picture, poem or photo of your beloved animal companion on our social media channels. Tag Round & About (our links below) and #petportrait in your post and Bri will select the winner who will be immortalised in portrait form! Deadline: Tues 4th May.

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