Noel Gallagher Q&A ahead of PennFest

Liz Nicholls


Rock music legend & dad Noel Gallagher, 55, shares his thoughts ahead of his star turn at PennFest in Buckinghamshire on 21st & 22nd July

Q. Hello! You must be excited about playing songs from the new album Council Skies at PennFest. Any songs standing out as potential live favourites?

“Well, I haven’t started rehearsing yet! I’d be amazed if Easy Now and Pretty Boy aren’t great live but, as of yet, we just don’t know.”

Q. “Johnny Marr will be on stage just before you at PennFest. You’ve collaborated previously many times and he also plays on your new album. What was it about The Smiths you particularly loved? And how does Johnny continue to inspire you?

“Like all the great bands they had an undefinable thing. Yes, the tunes were undeniably great – and they were amazing live – but there was ‘something’ else. As for what that ‘something’ was? I still don’t know.”

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