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M&S are running an instant, Lucky Lunch giveaway, placing 7,500 £10 gift vouchers into random sandwiches.

You may think there’s no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch, but thanks to M&S there is! Running until 14th August is Lucky Lunch, an instant ‘gold ticket’ giveaway.

Buy any sandwich and try your chance at being one of the 7,500 lucky winners of a £10 M&S gift card! This gift card is perfect to use on your next lunch or even next two. Whether it be the classic BLT or the best-selling prawn mayonnaise, whatever sandwich you buy gives you a chance to win the gift card.

The best thing about M&S sandwiches are their quality, with them being made with 100% British butter and vitamin D enriched bread. Imagine getting to eat such a great sandwich and then finding out you won a £10 voucher so you can buy another one!

Owen Lilley, Product Developer for M&S, said that ‘the M&S sandwich has become part of Britain’s cultural heritage’ and has sold over ‘over 4 billion sandwiches since 1980′. With such whopping numbers, the sandwiches are bound to be delicious. So, if you are working and looking for a place to grab lunch, or simply just out and about, buy one of M&S’ sandwiches and enter the instant giveaway.

Author: Daisy Harwood

Tom Kerridge set lunch for £15

Karen Neville


Enjoy two courses for £15 at The Coach in Marlow, Tom explains the idea, how it came about and what diners can expect

Back in 2008, when the country hit a recession and people were very worried about the money in their pockets, I was deep in the kitchen trying to work out how to strengthen and lay the foundations for a young business.

Beth and I came up with what sounded like a ludicrous idea but could be fun…’why don’t we do a set lunch menu that’s price feels like it is too good to be true.’ So, we launched a one choice lunch menu that made absolutely no money but filled the pub with noise, excitement and laughter. It was incredibly motivating for staff and the team and it felt like the guests were having such a great time as it was such value for money.

It was incredibly motivating for staff and the team and it felt like the guests were having such a great time as it was such value for money.

Now, in 2022, it feels like those times are here again. You can’t turn on the TV, look at social media or read a newspaper without the grim news of the cost-of-living crisis. So, it is time to bring back the ‘too good to be true’ offer.

Cottage Pie
Tomato Soup
Crème Brûlée

We are very excited to launch a set lunch £15 menu. Yes, that is right, £15 for two courses (a third course can be enjoyed for an additional £7.50), running across three of our sites. Kerridge’s Bar & Grill in the heart of London at The Corinthia, the one Michelin starred The Coach in Marlow, and the beautiful Bull & Bear in Manchester.

The same menu will run concurrently in all sites, headed up by Nick Beardshaw, Sarah Hayward and Connor Black and launches this week. The dishes will champion classic pub favourites or even school dinners, so expect cottage pie, lasagne and caramelized onion sausage with mash followed by old school desserts of spotted dick, jam roly poly and crumble and custard. The aim is to get the excitement and buzz back into restaurants without guests having the fear of spending too much money. A taste of the good times at a fraction of the price.

Please come and join us

The set lunch menu at The Coach, West Street, Marlow is available Wednesday to Friday, book at