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Flow is the first exhibition of 2020 at Lingwood Samuel Art in Godalming and features a selected group of artists from FLUX Exhibition 2019. 

It will be supported by new ceramic work from Cathy Butcher and Claire Ireland as well as the ongoing collection of ceramics, jewellery, sculptures and prints. FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered. 

Among the artists who will be exhibiting are: Amy Oliver, a self taught conceptual artist, using photography and digital manipulation to express her ideas; Lindsay Simons, a figurative painter living and working in London; Nick Huck, a largely selftaught figurative artist working with oil paints on layers of perspex over wood and canvas and Sophie Wake, a contemporary artist using oil or gouache, known for her animal figure paintings.  

Flow runs from Saturday 8th until Saturday, 25th April at the exciting and original contemporary art and craft gallery in Church Street which incorporates studio space for the artist owners: Caroline Lingwood and Margaret Samuel.  

The gallery holds four to six exhibitions a year showcasing carefully curated work from artists from all over the UK: paintings, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, glass and jewellery. Work is displayed in a setting very different from the traditional white cube gallery, to give an idea of how art can be incorporated into the home. 

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The open day this Saturday is from 11am to 5pm. 

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