‘Shoellery’ – jewellery for your shoes!

Liz Nicholls


Nadine invites you to lead a charmed life with her 4KIX footwear accessories range

So Nadine, tell us a little more about 4KiX… 4KiX is a British accessories brand that encourages self-expression through fashion, flair and fun! Our mission is to celebrate what makes each of us unique. Inspired by street wear and pop-culture, our “shoellery” personalises the look of any footwear as well as lending itself to accessorise other aspects of an outfit. It’s mindful and versatile with the quality and flair of high end fashion, at more inclusive pricing. 

What exactly is shoellery? Shoellery is basically jewellery for your shoes! We accessorise all the other parts of an outfit, and it’s so much fun to be able to add that touch of personalisation to our shoes as well. The way they attach is our creation and is completely unique to the brand. It’s comfortable, durable and attaches without the need for undoing your laces or straps.

What was your inspiration to start the brand? I’ve had a passion for trainers and jewellery since the moment I could speak and point at sparkly things. In more recent years, I had been obsessing over the trend for sparkly trainers, but hesitant about the high price tags, so I started buying simple trainers and embellishing them myself. I wore them everywhere, even on holiday and wherever I went, I was stopped in the street by people saying: “I love your kicks, where can I buy them?” That was my lightbulb moment where I was initially inspired to design a line of trainers, but then I realised that what I truly loved was accessorising them, and that’s how the idea for the product started to form. 

Who can wear 4KiX? Anyone and everyone. While we seem to have a sweet spot among pre-teens and tweens, we have a broad age range of customers comprising teens, mothers, mothers matching daughters, grandmothers and even some boys. 

When did you hit the U.K. high street? We hit the UK high street this past Christmas 2023 with a very successful pop up at John Lewis on Oxford Street. We featured in their Christmas Shop for the last week before Christmas. It was an honour and a pleasure to make our high street debut with such an iconic retailer on one of London’s most prominent streets for shopping and trends. 

What are your best sellers? We genuinely have so many bestselling styles that we struggle to keep in stock. Among them are: Yummie Gummie, Over the Rainbow, Murakami Me, Say Cheese, Loved Up, Grin-a-bling, all of our evil eye styles, Pucker Up, and Cloud 9. 

Has anyone famous worn 4KiX? Yes, sports presenter & broadcast journalist Kiri Bloore has worn our Evil Eye bracelet and MVP charms. We also have some high profile celebrity customers whose names we can’t reveal out of respect for their privacy, but we can share that they ordered our Loved Up and Eyes on You bundles, which come in our branded boxes that look like candy and make great gifts. 

And what’s your background? My background is PR, but when I moved to the US, I had started pursuing a health coaching certification because I have a passion for helping people. On a visit back to the UK, I stumbled upon my Art History sketch pad in the back of my closet and remembered how much I loved everything artistic. In an effort to deal with the stress of my coaching coursework, I began drawing, designing and crafting. I posted photos of my creations on Instagram and received calls from family and friends saying, “Drop everything and do this!” That’s what planted the seed towards developing the idea for 4KiX. 

What does luxury mean to you? To me luxury is about joy. The joy of discovering pieces that make you smile, feel good, bring out your sparkle. It’s about making you feel pampered and seen. Everyone deserves to feel celebrated. Luxury is about connection, quality and self-expression. Ultimately, it’s our goal to make people smile and help them express what makes them unique. 

You started from a kitchen table, what are your plans to expand in 2024? We currently have a few stockists in locations including USA, Monaco, Bahrain and Holland. Our goal for 2024 is to continue growing with more stockists in more locations throughout the world. We’d love to reach as many audiences as possible, and most importantly, to spread as many smiles as possible.

Check out 4KiX here.

Jacobs the Jewellers emerging designers competition

Round & About


Nine up and coming designers are competing to win Jacobs the Jewellers annual competition as they search to boost their future careers

Coming into their 75 year anniversary, Jacobs the Jewellers are hosting their annual Emerging Designers competition.

This exciting event features nine fledging designers from Bishophead Educational Trust, all hoping to kick start their careers.

This competition combines both a virtual show with an instore experience to showcase the talents and help boost the designers’ fledging careers.

Each designer has been challenged with the task of making a piece for each of the two categories: a piece of jewellery and an object, which are to be judged between now and Wednesday 2nd August. Everyone is welcomed to vote for the pieces both online and instore. To participate in this, either visit the store at 25 King Street in Reading or vote online at: Jewellery: Bishopsland Designers.

Adam Jacobs, Partner, Jacobs the Jewellers said: “To think nine years ago we started working with Bishopsland; the time has flown by and my compliments to both the gang and their tutors! Seeing this year’s high standard work is both inspiring and gratifying – we look forward to seeing how the public vote and sharing with everyone. As ever, thanks to our co-presenting partners – they’ve amazing supporters.”

Angela Cork, Principal of Bishopsland Educational Trust added: “We are thrilled to be showcasing the next generation of Bishopsland’s silversmiths and jewellers work at Jacobs the Jewellers. This is the ninth year in which we have collaborated on this initiative, and it is an important part of our annual programme, and we remain thankful to Adam Jacobs, HS Walsh, and The Goldsmith’s Centre for their ongoing support for our makers and for our craft.”

The winners will be revealed on Thursday, 3rd August. The winners of each category are to win £250, and the runners up £100; with this great prize, winners can further boost their careers as designers. This money is granted for them to use at HS Walsh, a leading UK jewellery tool supplier, so they can buy a variety of different items to help them with their creations.

Author: Daisy Harwood