Clean up pet pongs with Vax

Liz Nicholls


We review the new VaxSpotWash Home Pet-Design which is designed to make your carpets, rugs and upholstery shiny and new

The things we deal with for our pets, hey? The filth… the fury… the faeces…

Obviously, any pet owner will tell you that the companionship their furry friend offers far outweighs the drudgery.

But, at this time of year especially, you might find that distinctive animal pong tends to linger, and the quest to clean up muddy paw prints can leave you hot & bothered. Since having my joyful rainbow carpet staircase fitted, I’ve been pining for a VAX gizmo to keep it looking vibrant. And then recently, an elderly, and somewhat smelly cat came to stay, in addition to the stompy-booted teenager and black sprocker. As one of those numpties who got a white boucle sofa over lockdown (in my defence it was given to me by a friend who had a spare one, and it was before I had black pets) it’s fair to say I lost the battle with the fur, footprints and fragrance some time ago.

“it’s fair to say I lost the battle with the fur, footprints and fragrance some time ago’

So I was delighted to test drive the new VAXSpotWash Home Pet-Design which is surprisingly small (30cm high) and cute enough to slot into a kitchen shelf. But it has plenty of power – it’s proven to rid your home 99% of potential harmful bacteria. Crucially, it’s also easy to use, with various attachments to slot on to the cleaning hose (it must be idiot-proof because, trust me, I’m not great with technology).

Attaching the extra-wide two-in-one wash tool I set to work on my stairs and was delighted to find that working this deep-pile carpet required much less elbow grease than my previous efforts. And, prompting a little whoop, the grime and god-knows-what being sucked away by the SpinScrub hand tool into the dirty water tank was sooo satisfying. You just go back and forth over the carpet et voila! The Vax will do its magic, leaving the carpet cleaner, shiny and new, without leaving it wet.

Being lightweight, the gadget politely tells you when the dirty water tank is full, and switches itself off. Pouring away the treacle-coloured liquid that comes off your floors will make you think again about how clean you ever managed to get it in the first place. Trust me, it’s gross!

I then happily set to work on my wool carpets and upholstery, including my much-neglected car without breaking too much of a sweat. The odour-neutralising solution is instantly pleasing and I was very pleased to bid farewell to that ubiquitous wet-dog smell.

The next time tea got spilled on the landing involved significantly less drama, and swearing, than it would have previously. And then when the cat inevitably went whoopsie on the rug I was almost zen (for me).

I can safely say that this little poppet is my favourite recent addition to the household. Using it is pleasing and even addictive – one of my new favourite weekend activities now is get the house to myself for a bit to ‘get my Vax out’. In fact (don’t tell anyone) I talk to it affectionately, even more than the dog.

Buy the VAX SpotWash Home Pet-Design direct from for £199.99, including 1 x 250ml VAX Spot Washer Antibacterial Solution, 1 x VAX 250ml Pet Stain & Odour Remover, free delivery and a free Stain Removal Kit worth £30, when purchasing direct from VAX.