Free lunch at M&S!

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free lunch

M&S are running an instant, Lucky Lunch giveaway, placing 7,500 £10 gift vouchers into random sandwiches.

You may think there’s no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch, but thanks to M&S there is! Running until 14th August is Lucky Lunch, an instant ‘gold ticket’ giveaway.

Buy any sandwich and try your chance at being one of the 7,500 lucky winners of a £10 M&S gift card! This gift card is perfect to use on your next lunch or even next two. Whether it be the classic BLT or the best-selling prawn mayonnaise, whatever sandwich you buy gives you a chance to win the gift card.

The best thing about M&S sandwiches are their quality, with them being made with 100% British butter and vitamin D enriched bread. Imagine getting to eat such a great sandwich and then finding out you won a £10 voucher so you can buy another one!

Owen Lilley, Product Developer for M&S, said that ‘the M&S sandwich has become part of Britain’s cultural heritage’ and has sold over ‘over 4 billion sandwiches since 1980′. With such whopping numbers, the sandwiches are bound to be delicious. So, if you are working and looking for a place to grab lunch, or simply just out and about, buy one of M&S’ sandwiches and enter the instant giveaway.

Author: Daisy Harwood