Charlie Dore live on tour!

Round & About


Celebrated singer-songwriter Charlie Dore will perform at Chequers Folk Club in Great Kingshill on 20th September and Abingdon’s Unicorn Theatre on 21st September as part of her biggest tour for five years.

Charlie Dore has penned hits for Tina Turner, Celine Dion, George Harrison, Lisa Stansfield & Jimmy Nail. On this tour she will perform songs from her own impressive and acclaimed back catalogue.

Known for her observations of human nature, exquisite sense of melody and impeccable storytelling, Charlie has always performed and released music on her own terms, earning cult-like status among fans new and old.

As ever, she will be joined by her multi-instrumentalist co-pilot Julian Littman of Steeleye Span.

“Applying ourselves to this longer Short Circuit tour also gives us ample opportunity to feature some of my lesser-known (but often secretly favourite) songs,” says Charlie. “It’s great to have the freedom to experiment and rework these songs and have them share the spotlight. I’m always excited to see what the response will be.

“So far, Short Circuit has taken us from Scotland to Somerset and it’s been gratifying to share the music we’ve discovered – there’s an exclusivity about it. We enjoy taking risks, and renewing the sets in this way feels like the perfect way to conclude our Short Circuit adventure.”

To book tickets and more details please visit Charlie Dore.