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Indulge in unforgettable moments at Minster Mill

Minster Mill is just located 15 miles from the dreaming spires of Oxford & 11 miles from Blenheim palace. The charming Cotswold stone building and barns are flanked by 65 acres of idyllic grounds, set in the picture-perfect Oxfordshire village of minster lovell.

Beautiful gardens, you can find wildflower meadows, woodland and in the summer months enjoy fishing, walking croquet and tennis. As the winter comes you can enjoy the hearty food and cosy interiors enjoyed by the roasting fire.

You have so many locations near-by:
• Witney Lakes Golf Course – 6 min drive
• Crocodiles of the World – 8 min drive
• Cogges Manor Farm – 9 min drive
• Cotswold Wildlife Park – 10 min drive
• Blenheim Palace – 22 min drive

Drinking and Dining with impressive, vaulted ceilings and original oak beams, the three AA rosette Mill Restaurant & Bar provides a wonderfully atmospheric backdrop for exceptional seasonal food and drink.

The garden spa – wash away your worries in this tranquil heaven, set in the heart of our landscape’s grounds. Including a plunge pool, Rock sauna, Aroma steam room, ice fountain and tropical rain forest showers. Highly recommend the Unique RASUL mud therapy. A traditional, ancient, Middle Eastern ritual where mineral-rich mud, heat and steam will leave your skin beautifully soft. This indulgent treatment will awaken your senses. Mineral muds are presented to smooth onto the body and face, steam infused with relaxing aromas is then gently introduced to the room to help soothe tense muscles and open the pores, allowing the enriched muds to condition your entire body. After approximately 20 minutes enjoy the induction of a warm mist as it descends within your rasul to gently soften and help wash away the remaining mud, leaving your skin feeling conditioned and your mind clear.

Overnight stays at Minster Mill start from £170 per room, two sharing including breakfast. There are also packages regularly offered, including delicious meals, spa experiences or treats, so do keep an eye on the website for the latest offers. Minster Mill / 01993 774 441

Many exciting events coming up: Latest Events Diary – Minster Mill

Hook, line & sinker

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Fishing is a reel-ly big pull for millions of people and what can be better than sitting by the river in the sunshine – you never know what you’ll catch!

If I asked you what the UK’s biggest participation sport was, how many of you would shout back ‘fishing’? There are around three million anglers who regularly take up their rods and tackle and cast their lines.

It is in fact the sixth biggest sport overall, behind armchair supporting of football and rugby and its popularity has grown among children and younger people with bragging rights to friends evidenced with pictures posted on Twitter and Instagram.

Children will often make a weekend of it, frequently with dad in tow, and camp overnight using set-ups of two or three rods.

It’s one of the very few sports open to all, whatever your age, cultural or social background – we can all enjoy spending time by the riverbank waiting for that pull on the line.

And who’d have thought such a simple action could bring such joy – whether you’re going fishing with your dad for the first time or are a more experienced angler now taking your grandchild for his fishing debut, there’s nothing like getting a bite.

So what is the fascination?

There’s not the contact between participants you get with football or cricket; angling pits participants against the river, lake, canal or the sea.

Angling is difficult to understand or follow for spectators because the degree of success is rarely visible, there’s no ball over the line or in the hole to celebrate but the sense of satisfaction when a fish is dangling from the line is more than reward for the patient wait.

The major advantage for angling is its broad base, with few boundaries. There are no age, gender, race, social class or physical ability barriers, and an angling session can last for as long, or as short, as you want. Anglers can fish competitively or merely catch whatever fish happen to come along. Some choose to go with family or friends, while others choose to fish alone – however you choose to do it it’s the perfect pastime for social distancing.

Fun fishy facts

Many fish – such as carp, chub and minnow – appear to have no teeth but in fact have teeth in their throats, called pharyngeal teeth.

Catfish, a non-native species in UK, has a whopping 27,000 taste buds compared to just 7,000 in humans.

The eel is the only UK freshwater fish that can swim backwards.

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