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In the first in a series of dining out reviews, ten-year-old Louis Savage samples the hospitality on offer at The Crazy Bear in Stadhampton.

My driver and I arrived at The Crazy Bear and it was busy. Outside were two bears and the reception was a London bus. We decided on the Thai menu which meant we had to eat inside. This was a shame we couldn’t eat in their extraordinary gardens.

A waiter took us downstairs where there were mirrors on the ceiling. We were seated in the corner of the restaurant on a table with a sofa as my chair, which I thought was cool. We had some Thai prawn crackers to start with which had plenty of spice.

There weren’t loads of drink choices for kids, but there was Coke, lemonade and apple and orange juice. But my driver had a beer and he said there were lots of choices for wines, champagnes and beers.

For starters, we shared some Cotswold chicken satay. My driver had some crispy rice paper and duck spring rolls. I ordered some crispy salt and pepper king prawns which turned out to be very very crispy!

For mains, I had a dim sum – this type of dough which is wrapped around lots of things such as prawn, pork, prawns and pork and fish. My driver had some chargrilled lamb cutlets that were super nice (a bit better than my dim sum to be honest) as well as some egg fried rice.

For dessert my knickerbocker glory had delicious strawberries on super-smooth whipped cream, then more strawberries in a delicious puree with strawberry ice cream under it and then vanilla ice cream.

Food: 6.5/10 Style: 9/10

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Eat better in lockdown

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Food and drink have been one of the few pleasures we have still been able to enjoy during this lockdown and although the odd treat is fine, many of us are finding ourselves eating and drinking more, and have gained a few unwanted inches.

Commercial weight loss programs don’t work long term, with most achieving limited and/or temporary weight loss. So here are a few practical tips to eat better in lockdown.

1. Build your food environment.

The evidence is the rise in obesity is linked with our obesogenic environment. Be aware of the foods around you, and what you put on your shopping list, if you buy those Doritos chances are they will get eaten!

Abi Barclay-Watt, nutritionist

2. Kitchen opening hours.

If you easily succumb to snack cravings, try and stick to 3 meals a day. If you do need a snack have something nutritious on hand. Have a big fruit salad or veg sticks and nuts easily available. Meals can then be social focal points and it will mean less clearing up too!

3. Eating speed.

It has been shown that slower eaters release less of the hunger hormone than faster eaters. So, eat mindfully with your senses and chew well.

4. Portion size.

An obvious one, try and only cook what you need. Try and fill at least a third of your plate with veg.

5. Distraction activity

Are you really hungry, or just bored or thirsty? Try drinking some water first and wait before you grab that snack. Find another activity you enjoy to fill that craving, go for a walk, get lost in a good book etc.

6. Be kind to yourself.

There is nothing wrong in indulging occasionally and it is important to acknowledge resisting what your appetite wants can be a challenge. Try applying the 80:20 rule – eat healthily 80% of the time, it can make you aware of how much better you feel when you eat well but allow yourself the food you enjoy.

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