Honouring D-Day at The Shed

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D-Day at The Shed

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day at The Shed and in Bordon town centre

The Shed will be a central part of Whitehill & Bordon’s events commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Saturday, 8th June when visitors will go on a trip back in time with a series of military-themed nostalgic entertainment with music and food from the era.

From 2pm The Shed will be marking the town’s military heritage and hosting its own themed tribute to the Normandy landings with stalls and displays at the Town Park. There will be music and food from the era and an atmosphere of commemoration and celebration throughout the day and into the evening:

• 2-3pm: Performances by Jack Trinder and the Forest Players
• 3-4pm: Performance by Liss Brass Brand
• 4-5pm: Stephanie Belle our WW2 themed singer
• 6pm onwards: Vic Cracknell’s Jazz Band

The Phoenix Theatre will also be providing a ‘silent disco’ for an immersive D-Day experience, stalls will be selling home-made craft of militaria from the era, and Shed vendors are set to get into the spirit with spam fritters, Spitfire beer and dressing up throughout.

Free parking will be available in all areas, including Hogmoor Inclosure for the weekend of 8-9th June.

The Shed is just one part of the town’s 80th anniversary commemoration. Check out all the planned events in Whitehill & Bordon’s D-Day 80 at D-Day 80 – Whitehill Town Council.

Throughout 2024 The Shed is the place for a treat, to eat, create and meet. Details of future events at @theshedwb.com/shed-events.