Super Sam’s Business Award

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cancer support

Puttenham mum and Surrey business owner Sam Reynolds has won an Inspire 2018 award in The Mpower National Business Awards for her company SamSpaces.

Sam Reynolds is a mother of one from Puttenham, and she is also the founder of SamSpaces. She has built an online resource and support group for anyone recovering and adjusting to life again after cancer. Alongside this venture, Sam is starting her post-natal doula business after experiencing motherhood after cancer and recognising the need for a deeper level of support.

Sam says: “It is an honour to have been nominated, let alone get this far. Being able to raise awareness and support those of us living life after cancer is something I feel passionately about. I am in an incredible company!

“There are a lot of awards out there, and we are proud about what makes these awards, and the women who enter, different!” says Nicola Huelin, multi-award winning business coach, founder of the Mpower awards, and mum to four children with her partner Graham.

“Often invisible to most, mums in business are changing the business landscape, while raising and inspiring the generations of the future. We believe their efforts and successes in overcoming the unique challenges of combining business and motherhood, particularly in those first few years when it’s the hardest, need to be recognised and celebrated.”

The Mpower Gala has been called The Networking Party Of The Year and is open to all entrepreneurs and business owners for an evening of networking, inspiration and celebration. To find out more about the 2019 event, and to nominate your business, or a friend’s, you will find a range of resources and information for mums in business, so visit