Star Q&A: Bez mates!

Liz Nicholls


Maracas player, party animal & dad Mark Berry, AKA Bez, 59, shares his thoughts on music & lifeĀ 

Q. Who was your hero growing up? And now?

“George Best, and when I got a pair of his boots I was so excited I thought I was playing for Manchester United myself! And now it has to be my lovely wife Firouzeh.”

Q. What’s your first memory of music?

“Listening on my uncle’s headphones to The Beatles and wondered how adults enjoyed the music as at the time I thought it was for children.”

Q. What’s your best festival memory, and why?

“The year The Happy Mondays headlined Glastonbury – we took our own laminating machine and printed so many passes for all of our friends backstage, it looked almost as busy as it was out the front of the stage.”

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