A holistic approach = glowing skin

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Dr Seema Warner, skin expert & founder of Oxford’s YourSkinStory, explains why a holistic approach will add that vital glow to your skin

Your skin….

It is your barrier to the outside world. Standing up to attack from UV rays, pollution, bacteria, pathogens, dirt and grime and environmental toxins. It’s a powerhouse of immunity making hormones that are important for defence and physically keeping our internal environment of blood, tissues and cells protected. It has the power to change how we feel about ourselves. We wear it every day and if we don’t care for it, it won’t be able to care for us. The power of healthy, beautiful skin goes beyond just a great selfie – although that’s always a bonus!

“The power of healthy, beautiful skin goes beyond just a great selfie – although that’s always a bonus!”

Your skin is unique to you. Holding within it cells responsible for oil production, pigment, cell repair and turnover, as well as its own population of bacteria and microbiota known as your skin microbiome. No one else has skin like yours or receives the same sensory input, external stimuli or nutrition as you do. Which is why it’s so important to treat it individually with a personalised approach that fits into your life and addresses your unique make up. It is yours and yours alone.

We need to stop seeing skin as detached from the rest of our body. It’s very much part of our whole body. Blood flow, lymphatics and nerve cells ensure that there’s a constant connection between our internal environment and that of our skin. If skin care is not integrated, we are not treating our skin fully or adequately. We need to step back and see the whole picture. If you’ve seen the difference a really good night’s sleep can make to your skin, then you’ve already seen the power of integrating skin health care!

Get in touch

If you’ve tried many skin products with no luck or simply don’t know where to start. I’d love to help you find the ideal routine for your skin. Or if you’ve struggled with a skin issue that will not respond to other treatments or are interested in healing from the inside and out, please do get in touch. I run online skin programmes to help you virtually through product, nutrition and lifestyle advice, as well as treatment programmes from my Oxford clinic. I make my advice as practical as possible and personalised to your skin, body and lifestyle so you can put things into practice in a way that makes sense to you. Skin treatments focus on skin health as well as results and emotional well-being to give you whole body results.

New scientific research is emerging every day, with the realisation that we can control our health more than we initially thought. That although we’re born with a specific set of genes, it’s our environment and lifestyle that modify and switch these on or off. And that we’re connected throughout our body with an incredibly sophisticated system that relies on each aspect supporting the other. Each day will bring new elements for your body to manage and so your skin will change to accommodate this. It will tell the story of you and your life. It is your skin story.

A touch of luxury every day

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Touch of Soap Luxury wants to give you just that – hand and body soaps with a touch of luxury and they’re not just good for you but they’re good for the planet too.

The range of vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free produced soaps are all made in Great Britain and allow you to spoil yourself while being kind to the earth.

The range of products currently includes Wild Hare solid shampoo in Tutti Frutti to leave your hair silky and glowing; Happy Scrub soap in bubblegum is a loofah and a soap in one, the unique fibres mean it will leave your skin beautifully smooth.

Hand crafted from sustainable palm oil, age-old botanicals and pure aromatic oils, the hand-made soaps will make cleansing a sensual joy; Wild Rose guest soaps are a colourful addition to your bathroom while rejuvenating aromatherapy hand and body lotion can help with a variety of skin conditions.

And if you’re looking to pamper yourself, the aloe vera body butter will repair your skin and actively regenerate it for several hours after application.

These sumptuous products are all available from touchofsoapluxury.com

Menopause and hair loss

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Menopause and hair loss – what’s the link? Experiencing hair loss at any age can be upsetting. It may not be talked about as much as hot flushes and night sweats, but hair loss is extremely common during menopause and often occurs as a result of plummeting oestrogen levels and an increase in testosterone.

Every person naturally loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day, which hardly seems possible but this is considered normal shedding. Any more than this and you may notice areas of baldness on your scalp, clumps of hair coming out when you wash or brush your hair, or thinning of hair around the front and sides of your scalp.

Although you wouldn’t necessarily think of hair loss as a being a symptom of menopause, the hormonal havoc that menopause can wreak, can have all sorts of unexpected effects on the body.

The hormones oestrogen and testosterone have the most important influence on hair growth. During the menopause, levels of oestrogen decrease. This hormone is important for promoting hair growth. While oestrogen levels drop, testosterone levels increase disproportionately. This causes the hair that does grow to be thinner than before, and can also cause facial hair.


Dietary and lifestyle changes can help to some extent. Protein and iron rich foods are good for strengthening your hair. Vitamin C is also beneficial, not least for helping you to absorb iron into your bloodstream.


Try to keep stress to a minimum. This will also help you sleep well at night, reducing another factor which might cause you to lose your hair. Exercise will help to reduce stress, improve sleep and circulation of blood to the scalp to help you keep your hair on.

Be nice!

Be nice to your hair. Use gentle shampoo when you wash it and try to avoid tugging and tangling it. Dying it regularly can cause hair to become unhealthy and more likely to fall out. A scalp massage can stimulate extra blood flow to the scalp, which may prevent further hair loss.

If hair loss is the result of hormonal changes caused by the menopause, a soy based supplement such as A.Vogel’s Menopause Support supplement may help. It tackles all stages of the menopause, and contains soy isoflavones which naturally mimic the effect of oestrogen in the body. The inclusion of magnesium helps to support the nervous system in times of need; it also contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

For further information on menopause, visit Anita and her team at Nature’s Corner, 73 Northbrook St, Newbury.

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Beauty & The Beach

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Are you “summer ready”? Well, we know that means many things to many people and we are not about to make any imperious statements on how to look – on the beach or anywhere!

Some of us are in the low-maintenance camp when it comes to primping and preening, but we all want to feel our best selves, especially when the sun shines. And applying a lovely moisturiser, fresh from the fridge (expert tip) is one of those small joys that make life just a little sunnier.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be jetting off towards somewhere exotic, have been invited to a wedding or just want some sparkle, the good news is that there are so many new easy-to-use products and treatments for all pockets, including travel versions (100ml or less). Happy holidays!

Sun protection

Protecting your skin doesn’t have to be a faff. What’s more, experts at the British Skin Foundation say own-brand products are not necessarily less effective than pricier options. However, dermatologists rave about La Roche Posay’s Anthelios range which sinks in superbly and offers SPF 50 (the factor recommended for face and hands, which show damage soonest, whatever the weather). Another beauty insider fave is Institute Esthederm’s Adaptasun. If you do get slightly too much sun, or are flying, try this aloe vera sheet mask by Masque Bar.


Cult beauty fans: Huda Beauty’s Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette boasts four sunny colours to exaggerate cheekbones, brow bones and collarbones… don’t be alarmed – they work on all age ranges and skin tones! Helen Mirren recently waxed lyrical about microblading (the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo) which has helped frame her face. Check it out at your nearest salon as well as Urban Decay’s brow range. Every handbag needs a YSL Touch Eclat (check out the limited edition stars design). And NARS does peerless bronzers such as this in Sun Wash. Check out Cult Beauty, Birch Box and Beauty Pie for bargains.

Tan & Glow

Some people seem to “glow” effortlessly and one of them is Tamara Ecclestone whose new range called Show, especially the Shimmer Body Oil (£35) is adding a classy occasion-ready shimmer to our skin here at R&A Towers (and looks pretty on your
dressing table); www.harveynichols.co.uk We’re also enamoured with NKD SKN pre-shower gradual tan lotion; www.nkdskn.com. If you do want to eschew the slap-on-at-home route, the Tanning Shop team can help you tan as safely as possible courtesy of their spray tan and sunbed options – visit www.thetanningshop.co.uk


Protecting your hair from UV damage is just as important as protecting your skin if you want to have healthy hair. Check out our helpful tips (see right) for sleek summer hair and Label M products such as its Protein Spray which can be spritzed on before and after going in the water and in the sun. Another hair product insiders are raving about is Matrix Biology Advanced Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray (£12.35, www.lookfantastic.com). And be prepared to swoon when you sniff Diptyque’s heavenly Eau des Sens range, which includes a hair mist we didn’t know we couldn’t live without until now! www.diptyqueparis.co.uk


For perfect pins, FFS (it stands for Friction Free Shaving, people!) has come to the rescue with a deluxe “shaviour” range! This includes a rose gold or silvia engraved German-designed razor, made to handle women’s curves, refills and add-on products, with subscription packages from just £9 a month… Just hide your box of goodies from housemates/ family! For a truly sleek finish, waxing has come a long way, with the best practitioners (such as Pure Beauty in Fulham) using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils – good practitioners can remove some hair as short as 1mm.


Beauty editors and the glossy posse have been glowing about the bespoke hyaluronic acid injections courtesy of Chelsea’s Lovely Clinic; www.thelovelyclinic.co.uk

We don’t approve of “anti-ageing” as such but if you want a beauty boost, Harley Street dreamboat Dr Dirk Kremer (Google him!) has form when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Regularly named one of the world’s top plastic surgeons, he spent years working in an intensive care burns unit and recently launched his own peptide-driven SkinDoc range. www.skindocformula.com. And we’re swooning over the new flavours of Purple Tree Skincare’s Miracle Balms. Made from naturally derived ingredients, these handbag must-haves  are cruelty- free and vegan friendly for multiple uses.


Fade Out’s vitamin-enriched formulations harness natural active ingredients to even skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, ageing and hormonal changes in less than four weeks, thanks to vederine and kahai oil; www.fadeout.com. We’re also big fans of the Origins x Madeleine Shaw range, full of natural goodies, including the Glow-Co-Nuts face mask; www.origins.co.uk. And check out Yardley London’s summer range www.yardleylondon.co.uk

Expert Hair Tips

Ever wondered why, during summer, your hair becomes extra damaged? It might feel particularly dry and brittle. This is because UV rays burn the inside and outside layers of the hair follicles. Just like unprotected skin, the hair can get sunburnt, too. So, just as you would apply sun cream to your skin on a sunny day, you should think about protecting or covering your hair or maybe covering it up with a hat. Your hair has the same pH level as your skin, so it needs just as much protection. You need to consider your scalp, too, which will become sensitive, dry, and flaky if it burns. When your hair gets burnt, it becomes more fragile and likely to break. It will also increase colour fade, making your hair look dull and lifeless. You can prevent this damage by using a UV protector. The pick of the best are Mythic Oil, Intense Repair by Shu Uemura, and Nutrifier by L’Oréal. The mask will smooth out sun-exposed hair, recover softness and help to clear up any flakiness on your scalp.

Follow all these tips, and you will be beach ready in no time!