Doppelginger joy with comedian Ray Bradshaw

Ellie Cox

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

We chat to comedian Ray Bradshaw who brings his new show Doppelginger to Maidenhead, Swindon, Aylesbury, Guildford, Dorking, Reading, London & more from 1st March.

Ray Bradbury is forever being told “you look just like my mate…” wherever he goes. It’s been happening for years, and he’s worried about it. Either someone is cloning generic bald men or, there’s a ginger bearded bald man out there who’s doing a bad job of stalking Ray.

In his new show, Ray is going to use the latest in genetic research (the internet) to try and put an end to this once and for all. He’s on a quest to find the person who looks most like him.

“My new show Doppelginger is about a bald ginger man (me) trying to find other bald ginger men who look really like him. Purely for comedy purposes, not some weird Tinder fetish game gone horribly wrong. Although there are probably some people that would be into that and if that’s you then please buy a ticket for the show because any ticket sale counts as far as I’m concerned.

“The whole show is going to be about finding people that look like me and the weird things that arise from it. Hopefully there will be some bald ginger people in the audience who don’t even know what the show is about and have just been brought there by an evil partner. The whole show will just turn into an episode of Surprise Surprise for them where I play Cilla Black (with a wig, obviously). Please submit your photo to

Ray’s whole show will be sign language interpreted. “My mum and dad are deaf and I grew up learning sign language,” says Ray. “So that’s a big part of every show I do as I want as big a deaf audience as possible.

“I love having deaf audiences in my show and have them heckle me in sign language only for me to tell the audience what they signed to me and then have the deaf person deny it so I look like I’m picking on them. You’d be surprised how often that happens.

“When I’m not gigging, I’m usually getting made fun of by my son. He thinks the fact I’m bald is so funny and constantly asks me where I’ve left my hair. The other day we were in soft play and he made me feel the oldest I’ve ever felt. We were playing hide and seek and after shouting ‘ready or not!’ he found me in about eight seconds. I asked him how he had found me so quickly and he just replied, ‘when you crouched down I heard your knees crack’. I felt about 100 years old.”

If Ray had to choose a line-up of comedians to go on tour with him or for a special one-night-only all-star comedy show, alive or dead who would he pick? “I’d go for me, Billy Connolly, Bernie Mac and Victoria Wood. It would be an amazing show and I’m the least rich of them all so I wouldn’t have to put my hand in my pocket at the post show drinks. Win win.”

To book your tickets please visit Norden Farm or call 01628 788997.

Star Q&A: Samantha Womack

Round & About

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Actress, singer, model & director Samantha Womack tells us about festive feelings as she stars as the White Witch in The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre as part of its UK tour

Q. Hello! We’re celebrating Christmas shows. Did you go to many of these as a youngster? “I loved all shows as a child. My grandmother was a choreographer and often had friends in shows. She was a great friend of the theatre manager at the Palladium and so I remember going to see Michael Crawford in Barnum countless times which was an incredible performance.”

Q. What is it about this production of the CS Lewis play that will really make Christmas sparkle? And why should we all book a seat? “This production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is directed by Michael Fentiman whose work I’m a massive fan of. With this production he brings a similar vibrancy and originality that he created with his award-winning Amelie. It is a magicial, spellbinding show with Narnia being revealed in earthy pagan magic and musicians on stage whose physical talent is breathtaking.”

Q. Any favourite hang-outs or places to visit while you’re in town? “Aylesbury is an area I’ve performed in over the years, in South Pacific, Guys & Dolls… so I have many fond memories of here. I always bring my dogs with me as there are so many beautiful walks around Thames Valley.”

Q. What’s your go-to snack or food or drink you could never live without? “I try to eat healthy food as I eat a lot. Avocados and kimchi is my current craving and homegrown veg. Having said that, Lidl does dangerously good ice cream…”

Q. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had & choice for a last supper? “The best meal I’ve ever had? Tricky! Anything my grandmother cooked. She did a mean Welsh rarebit and roast tatties.”

Q. Who would be your six dream dinner party guests, alive or dead, real or fictional? “My six dream dinner guests would be Oliver Reed, Richard Burton, Nick Drake, Edith Piaf, Sidney Poitier and Kathryn Hepburn.”

Q. What’s your first memory of music? And your favourite song or album? “My first memory of music was my Dad playing Cat Stevens on acoustic guitar. I miss that sound.”

Q. Do you love Christmas, and what especially are you looking forward to this year? “Christmas is special to me. My father Noel was born on Christmas Eve so that feels bittersweet but I always have a house full of people and music over the Christmas break.”

Q. What other highlights are on your horizon? “I have just bought a retreat business with my partner in Valencia in the mountains and so we will be working on that next year.”

Q. If you could be a real white witch for a moment and make one wish for the world, what would it be? “My wish for the world would be environmental awareness so we stop any more species and plants from being wiped out. And it sounds corny but… to be kind and love one another.”

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