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A new social platform for thanking unsung heroes in education and healthcare/NHS was launched in Ascot last year but never has it been more poignant.

TAP (Thank And Praise) is a unique platform, running on WhatsApp, for parents and patients to thank employees working in education and healthcare/NHS.

Founders, Phillip and Sandie Curtis, came up with the idea after receiving so much excellent care and support for their special needs son, in schools and the NHS, and often finding it difficult to relay their appreciation.

Sandie shared her experience: ‘We have received so much help, from many truly amazing people, who deserve to be recognised for their selfless commitment to caring for us, and our children.’’

TAP research in 2019 confirmed more than 70% of people do not manage to give the thanks they want to pass on, and believe employees in the NHS and education, deserve more praise.

To use TAP, just register on WhatsApp, and let them know who you would like to thank. TAP will pass on your words of appreciation, and also allocate TAP points, worth £1, to your unsung hero, which can be redeemed with participating retailers. These points are funded by corporate companies who want to contribute to the wellbeing of employees in certain sectors.

Soon after the launch in Ascot, St Michaels school became the first establishment to receive more than 100 thank you messages, which means some of their staff have already qualified, and claimed their vouchers, which can be spent in retailers such as Costa, Waitrose and M&S.

The headteacher at St Michaels school, Lorna Anderton has witnessed the benefits of TAP first hand: “As a headteacher, I am thrilled with the opportunities TAP provides to support my teachers’ well-being. A ‘thank you’ every so often makes a huge difference to someone’s day and how they feel. Happy, positive teachers create an environment where our children can flourish. Everyone’s a winner!”

TAP is delivering a tangible solution to the growing need to improve staff well-being in the NHS and education; many of these unsung heroes are being worn down with pressures at work, and TAP provides us all with the opportunity to show how much we appreciate them.

TAP has just launched a digital thanking wall to allow people to post messages of appreciation for the courageous and selfless people working in healthcare/NHS and education, visit the website www.thankandpraise.com to see the wall and post your message.

If you live in the Ascot area, and want to give thanks, message us on Whatsapp 07871 064296, or, if you think TAP would benefit your community, contact Ann on [email protected].

Take a peep at new app

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What started as a family surprise has developed into an app letting you countdown to celebrations and special events – a digital advent for any occasion, any time. 


MyPeep is the brainchild of Cholsey couple Pam and Darren Evans. Pam wanted to surprise her sister with a countdown for her 50th birthday but couldn’t find what she was looking for – husband Darren came to the rescue and created the app. 

They tested it on their son Dylan with a seven-day countdown of things he liked including his favourite songs, photos and news of a treat but while it was created for fun, the couple hope to see the app used to help combat social isolation. 

Darren said: “We’d love to see “peeps” being sent to people who live alone or far away from family – just that little surprise could really make their day. We are also now in discussions with initiatives for mental health (PTSD specifically) and well-being, as well as fitness and nutrition type services.” 

With MyPeep you can include text and emojis, photos, images and links as well as short clips via the in-app video. Once you’ve created all the content for your windows, invite friends and family to download MyPeep so you can share it with them.  

The fun of MyPeep is in the anticipation. Recipients can only open one window at a time – the rest of the windows stay locked until it’s time to open the next one.  

The UK’s first customisable digital advent can be used to countdown to birthdays, reunions, parties, weddings, holidays – or simply for brightening someone’s day. 

Other opportunities have also been identified including one that will help improve end of life care experience and therefore the quality of palliative care for patients, family members and others important to the patient through a product called Treasured. 

Treasured will help in creating daily content, storing memories and allow patients to post for future events. Data is securely held until a specific date and can only be unlocked/made available to relatives and loved ones on that specific date. 

The aim is to work in partnership with a national charity who have indicated that Treasured will also assist loved ones in the grieving process. 

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